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Skins Quotes Post-Game: M. Shanahan


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August 19, 2013

Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On injuries:
“[Quarterback] Kirk Cousins has a mid-foot sprain. They feel like it’s mild right now, so that’s a good sign. [Nose tackle] Barry Cofield had a bone in his right hand, there was a little fracture in his right hand, but he should be okay, but he’ll have to have a cast on. [Running back] Keiland Williams had a left knee strain. [Running back] Chris Thompson has a left shoulder strain. [Wide receiver] Aldrick Robinson had a thigh bruise. [Wide receiver] Leonard Hankerson had a knee bruise. So those are some of the injuries today. I did talk with Dr. [James] Andrews before the game; he feels great about Robert’s [quarterback Robert Griffin III’s] progress. He really feels the same way as he did before camp with practice – he feels good about him practicing. He doesn’t feel like we should put him in any games. He’s going to re-evaluate him after the Tampa game and then he’ll make a decision, at least from his perspective, about where he is. But, like I said, he feels very good about where he is at this time. If there are no setbacks, he thinks he’ll be ready, but that’s assuming there is no setback here over the next couple of weeks so that’s a good sign.”

On quarterback Kirk Cousins and if he has ruled out a Lisfranc injury:
“Well, I asked the same question. I asked if it was a possibility because we felt that way last time – it said the X-rays were negative, and it wound up being a Lisfranc. But they don’t feel that way at this time.”

On nose tackle Barry Cofield’s injury:
“In fact, there’s Barry right now. Barry, stick up that hand for everybody would you [laughter]? He’s okay. He can wave it so we’ve got to put a little cast on it, but I’m sure that’s not going to keep him out. Most guys right now would be in the hospital in intensive care, but he’s able to talk to you guys so it gives you an idea of how tough he is. He’ll be able to play through it.”

On if Cousins will have follow-up testing:
“Sure, he’ll have an MRI tomorrow, but at least it was a good sign with the doctors today.”

On Cofield’s performance prior to his injury:
“Yeah, I just kicked Barry out so I don’t have to brag in front of him. But, Barry’s been playing great, and there are reasons why he’s like a team captain. You know, I was pleased with our defense. Anytime you have three turnovers, you have four sacks, you hold a football team to 13 points, you know you’ve got to play good collectively. I thought there was some great effort out there. By no means was it perfect. Too many penalties, a lot of mistakes. We have a chance to evaluate a lot of our personnel, and there’s going to be some tough decisions to be made about the 53 and the eight-man practice squad.”

On four turnovers and three personal fouls:
“Well, that’s what you have to do; you can’t beat yourself, and you’ve got to take a look at the personal fouls. You’ve got to eliminate them. And that’s one of the reasons why you have the preseason is to eliminate those silly mistakes. And we’ll emphasize them. We’ll talk about them, and hopefully, next week we won’t have quite as many. But when you’re able to overcome some of those mistakes, that means a lot of people are playing hard and playing together, but like you mentioned, that’s way too many mistakes.”

On Dr. James Andrews’ evaluation of Robert Griffin III:
“He watched him out on the field. Then he brought him in, obviously, checked him out. You know, it’s the first time he’s checked Robert since we went to training camp, when he approved that he could practice, and he felt very good about his progress. Again, he’s going to come back in a couple weeks after our preseason is over, re-evaluate him again, and then he’ll give us the yay or a nay, but right now he feels that his progress has been good and he’s hoping that there are no setbacks.”

On if there is a date set for Dr. Andrews’ decision:
“After the Tampa game, he’s going to be with us, and he’s going to give us an idea how he feels about him at that time. But, you know, we’ve still got a couple more weeks of practice. We’ll go through this week, we still have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and the following week, we have the same thing. We have a three-day preparation with a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday before we play Thursday, and then he’ll evaluate him after the game and tell us where he’s at. And he’ll do the same thing that he did today. I’m sure he’ll look at him workout, see if his knee is where he thinks it should be, and then let us know what he believes is right, along with the other doctors. We’ve got Dr. [Christopher] Annunziata, obviously they will confer and give us what they think.”

On if the decision about Griffin III’s availability is Dr. Andrews’ decision alone:
“If Dr. Andrews felt that his knee wasn’t ready, we surely wouldn’t play him. I don’t know what the communication was. I hate to make a comment on hearsay. I’m not exactly sure what was said, but we surely wouldn’t play him if he didn’t feel that it was in the best interest of Robert and this organization to play him. We’re hoping there’s no setback. He’s been doing great, and there’s no reason to have a setback, but you never know. We’re going to have two more weeks of practice, and we’re going to put him through situations like we’ve been doing over the last three and a half weeks, and keep our fingers crossed that there isn’t a setback and if there isn’t, he should be ready for Philadelphia.”

On concern about injuries to wide receiver Aldrick Robinson, wide receiver Leonard Hankerson, running back Keiland Williams and running back Chris Thompson:
“I don’t think it’s too bad. I think Aldrick was a little thigh bruise, and Hank, it was just a strain. He [Hankerson] said he felt pretty good after the game, according to the trainers, but you never know for sure. Twenty-four hours, 48 hours, it can change, just like it did with [Phillip] Thomas so you never really do know, but I’m just giving you an idea of what they told me.”


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Looks like just Rex and Pat White over the last two games. That should be interesting. Would you risk putting in Griffin just to hand the ball off should Rex or Pat go down?

Lanky Livingston

Did anyone catch the prank that Coach put on Griff? Classic. :)
Yeah, I mentioned the exchange in two threads. Nobody who saw it could ever think there was a divide between the two - they are getting along like peas and carrots! lol

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