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Skins Quotes 9/14: M. Shanahan

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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On wide receiver Pierre Garçon’s foot injury:
“It’s going to be a game-time decision. He got some work in there today. He’s feeling better. We’ll work him out before the game and see if he can go full-speed. But it was an improvement.”

On weighing the decision to play Garçon with the injury:
“I think it’s pretty easy when it’s pain tolerance. If he can go live with the pain and feels like he can go full-speed, then you let him go. If it’s a situation where you’re going to make it a lot worse, then obviously the chances of him playing aren’t very good. But right now, it’s a pain tolerance. We’ll see before the game. Obviously, he can take something and help himself a little bit. We’ll get a little workout before the game and we’ll know then.”

On Garçon’s mindset with his injury:
“We’ll see if he can deal with the pain. It’s really hard to tell right now. He got some good work in there today, so that’s a plus.”

On wide receiver Aldrick Robinson’s performance against the Saints and if that makes the decision about Garçon easier:
“If he [Garçon] can go, he can go and he’s going to play. You always want your first team players to play if they can go. You don’t want a player in there for three or four plays and then all of sudden he’s out the rest of the game. Obviously, it hurts your football team – not only at the position, but special teams as well. You have to believe you’re one play away from being the starter. That’s one of the reasons why you do get some depth. We lost a couple safeties in a couple days and guys stepped up and came in and we expect the same thing at the wide receiver position if he [Garçon] can’t play.”

On if he met with former tight end Chris Cooley this week:
“No, I didn’t talk to Chris. But Bruce had a chance to talk to him a little bit yesterday. It was a good conversation. Chris is such a big part of this organization; he’s been a big part of this organization. He’s looked at his options and we talked about things that could possibly happen throughout the year. If he did go to another team, it would have to be as a starter. If he doesn’t have that opportunity, I think he’s just going to sit back and kind of feel himself as time goes on. He’s not going to make any decisions quickly.”

On if the decision about Cooley is imminent:
“Like I said, there’s good conversation. I’m not going to go through our conversation and all the different scenarios, but he means a lot to this organization. Right now he would like to still come back as a starter if possible – if somebody goes down.”

On if safety Jordan Bernstine’s knee surgery is today:
“I really can’t tell you for sure. It should be today. Yes, I believe so.”

On if he knows the details of Bernstine’s surgery:
“No, I really don’t. I don’t think anybody knows until they go in there exactly what they’re going to do and they see for sure when they open him up.”


I was hoping there was a way to sign Cooley but it is looking more like they promised to talk to him after he tested the market and they were just keeping that promise...

Oh well. If we're going to be a legit organization then we better start getting used to watching players leave like this.

I hope we have garcon's injury diagnosis correct... Our training staff has botched a few injuries in the past two years, I'd hate to see them get this wrong and screw it up by having him play.

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