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Skins Quotes 8/5: M. Shanahan


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August 5, 2013

Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On wide receiver Donté Stallworth, fullback Darrel Young and safety Brandon Meriweather practicing:

“Donté’s hamstring is feeling better. DY, his knee is feeling better. Meriweather, we felt like he made enough improvement in drill work to get a few reps. We try not to overdo it, but you could see how physical he was out there. It was nice to have him back in the lineup.”

On if he anticipates those three playing against Tennessee on Thursday:

“Possibly. We’ll see how they are. I can’t tell you for sure at this time.”

On quarterback Robert Griffin III saying he is ready to do more in practice:

“Like I’ve said, we’ve got a plan. We’ll have a plan next week and we’ll give him a little bit more next week and see how he does. We’re going to do this day-by-day and give him a little bit more freedom with each week that goes by, and hopefully if there is no setback, he’ll be ready for the first game.”

On if he likes seeing Griffin III 'antsy’ to do more:

“Yeah, you always want your guys to be ready to go. You always want them a little bit antsy, but your job is to get them ready. I don’t want to put him in there too quick for the obvious reasons, but I like what I’ve seen. He’s had no swelling, like we talked about last week. He’s making a lot of progress. We’re getting a lot of quality work done. If he continues this with no setback, we’ll keep on giving him more freedom, a little bit more reps and hopefully get him ready.”

On if he can go through his normal preseason routine with this year’s preseason schedule:

“It’s a little bit different. Any time you have a Monday night and Saturday night game, your second game is a Monday night and you have a short week with a Saturday game which is normally the game that you prepare for with a game plan, that being a short week, it is a little bit different.”

On if he plans to play a few starters in the fourth preseason game:

“I’ll talk more about that in detail when we get a little bit closer to the fourth game. Anytime you have a Saturday game and a Thursday game, what you normally do is play guys that are fighting for a position. You normally don’t play very many starters, if any, but you would like to have some of the guys that are fighting for a job show us what they can do.”

On if it is a daily battle negotiating Griffin III’s workload:

“No, what you’re trying to do is get quality work and what you want Robert to do is go out there and execute the drill work that he’s doing. Sometimes we’re working quarterback keeps, sometimes just three-, five-, seven-step drops, different type of quarterback drills, put a little pressure on his body, making sure that he’s strong, make sure that you’re not throwing too much at him, and then as he progresses, then you give him a little bit more work. But you always want guys – which we’ve talked about here – that want to play. When you slow a guy down, that’s the job of a head coach to hopefully put him in a position where he’s going to be healthy and ready to play by the first game. So you don’t want to overdo it, but at the same time, we’ve got a plan and hopefully we can execute that plan unless there’s a setback.”

On if quarterback Kirk Cousins will see first-team reps only during the preseason:

“That’s a good question. What we normally do is play our starters in the first game anywhere from 10-15 plays depending on what type of drive that you’re having. Is it three-and-outs? Do you have a long drive? It can go anywhere in that neighborhood. It is a unique situation with Kirk, but it’s unique throughout the whole preseason, like we talked about. We’ve got a game plan, getting these guys ready. Kirk will play more in the second and third game than a normal starter would. We’re going to give him a lot of reps, not necessarily as much probably in this first game.”

On tight end Jordan Reed:

“Jordan Reed bruised the top of his foot. I can’t tell you how serious it is at this point. We’ll get it checked out, have an MRI on it and make sure he’s OK.”

On safety Reed Doughty:

“Reed was a little bit sore today. We decided to not to practice him. He’s a guy that will practice anytime that you want him to practice. He’ll play anytime you want him to play. But I just thought in his best interest was to set him down for a day and let him heal up.”

On he thinks about the attention Griffin III’s recovery is getting and if it affects his thought process:

“Let me put it this way – we’ve got [running back] Chris Thompson, just came off an ACL. We’ve got [safety] Brandon Meriweather, just came off an ACL. Last year we had [running back Tim] Hightower come off an ACL. I get a chance to see a lot of these guys. All these guys were approved by the doctors to play. Chris Thompson is not playing; he hasn’t practiced for three days. Meriweather you take a look at, he’s been approved to practice, he’s not playing. So as you look at them as a coach, even though they’re approved to play, you can see if guys are moving and doing things the right way. So we have a game plan, regardless of if a guy is full-go and how he practices on the field. The good thing about Robert – he hasn’t had any setback. We do have a plan for him. He may not always like that plan, but that’s my job sometimes not to be liked. My job is to do the best thing for him. That’s what I’ll do.”

On what sets wide receiver Santana Moss apart as a leader:

“Well, last year and this year he lost a good 10 pounds. He decided to be in the best shape he could possibly be in. He had a great offseason and you can see the dividends from being in great shape. He made a commitment that he was going to do everything he could to eat right and to come back in the best football shape that he has been in. You could see that a year ago, one of the reasons why he had a great year. He has continued to do that this year. He is in excellent shape. You can see some of the plays he has made thus far at camp, [see] that he is hungry and he is going to play at a very high level.”

On wide receiver Devery Henderson’s absence:

“He had a death in his immediate family. After talking to him and knowing the circumstances, I told him to go home this afternoon.”

On how the read option will evolve this season:

“That is a good question. You don’t really know what defenses are going to do. You can anticipate what they are going to do. People don’t know when we are going to run the read option but they are going to have to prepare for it all the time. If they can spend half of their practice time preparing for something we may do [or] we may not do, it gives us an advantage. The playaction passes, the running game, I think you can see last year that it really worked out well. Will it work out well this year? Time will tell. Anytime we are in the Pistol, we can run our whole offense from the Pistol so we don’t give it away from a formation set, so it will be interesting to see a number of adjustments people will do. I can’t tell you exactly what.”


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Despite all the plans and expectations, it would not surprise me to see Cousins and Doughty out there in Week 1 against the Eagles.

With the odd schedule of short practice and recovery time to start the year in the first two weeks, perhaps we see Griffin and Meriweather against the Packers.

I think Cousins can beat the Eagles.

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