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Skins Quotes 8/2: Stephen Bowen


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August 2, 2012
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Defensive End Stephen Bowen

On being familiar with teammates entering his second season with the Redskins:
“It’s great. We had a chance to play together last year and jell together. This year we’re just going to play with a lot more confidence, understanding the scheme and also being together every day. We all are like a family. The D-line are like brothers. It’s great. I’m looking forward to it.”

On defensive end Jarvis Jenkins’ role:
“He’s giving us way more depth than we’ve ever had. He’s playing really good right now. I think the best D-lines in the league, they come at people in waves. You see like the Giants and other teams, you have to have a lot of depth. When somebody gets tired or injured or something like that, the next person just comes in to do exactly the same thing.”

On the benefit of continuity along the defensive line:
“I think it’s great. I will say I don’t like guarantees. When you see teams like the Steelers, they keep the same D-line, outside linebackers and inside linebackers for years. That’s the way you become great. When you move guys in and out, it’s hard to have chemistry going.”

On Jenkins competing with him and defensive end Adam Carriker for a starting job:
“It’s a competition. I think it brings the best out of everybody. If I see him make a play, I’m going to try to make a play too. It’s nothing that nobody is mad about. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Nobody wants the job given to him. I know I’m going to play to the best of my ability and do my job.”

On not practicing Wednesday:
“It was just a rest day. I’m still coming off my surgery. Nothing serious. They just wanted to give me a rest day.”

On if his PCL is torn:
“No, when I had my knee scoped, they went in there, and they said that my PCL was pretty much intact. So that was good.”

On how he feels after the surgery:
“I feel great. I’m getting back to where I used to be and trying to just not concentrate on my knee or anything, just play football.”

On if he worries about his knee:
“No, I think the first practice I was a little worried about it. You’re not really just free thinking, but now I’m just reacting.”

On the outside personal distractions from last offseason comparing to this offseason:
“Last year was just crazy when I lost my son and my other son was in the hospital and coming here right when the lockout ended, everything was just a blur. This year everything has been relaxing and I have just been enjoying my family and really being able to focus.”

On how much his son weighs:
“Honestly I don’t even know. He is getting big though. My wife actually sent me a video the other day of him crawling up the stairs for the first time.”

On the goals he has set for himself and the improvements he is trying to make:
“I’m trying to establish myself as one of the elite 3-4 defensive ends in the league. The ultimate goal for me is to really just win. I just want to win; I want to win the Super Bowl. Everybody wants to make the Pro Bowl, that is a personal goal.”

On if the two games they lost to the Cowboys last season still hurt:
“Yeah they do. Those guys over there, I have played with them for a long time, but once we got on the field, it’s competitive. I wanted to win so bad. It has been eating me up all year. I’m definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving.”

On the difference in his role between the Cowboys and Redskins:
“In Dallas, we pretty much split the reps. I was mainly a third down guy. I played first and second too, but mainly third down. Here the workload is mainly on me. I take full responsibility for it and I like having the pressure.”

On if his new role made him switch his technique:
“No, I think just sharpening up the way we play on blocks in this scheme is a little different. It took me a little while during camp but now it is starting to become second nature.”

On if wearing down or fatigue was a factor at the end of last season:
“Towards the end of the season my knee started bothering me. My knee started getting a little weak. That is just something I have to work on in the offseason.”


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I like Bowen. Like Cofield and Carriker he is a lunch pail guy that just comes in and works his butt off to achieve in his sport. No drama, no off the field issues. Level-headed guy who overcame a lot last year with the death of a child.

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