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Skins Quotes 7/27: Leonard Hankerson WR


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Wide Receiver Leonard Hankerson

On if he has returned to full health after injuring his hip last season:
“Not quite yet. I’m still working down in the training room, working with [Head Athletic Trainer] Larry Hess and the other training guys. Still preparing myself, still getting better each, and every day, and I have to continue to work.”

On playing at less than 100 percent:
“It’s nothing major. It [the hip] is just not normal. Any time you come off injury, you tend to have low confidence in what you have. I just have to continue to keep working on building my confidence and just keep going.”

On when he was cleared to practice fully:
“On Friday. I’ve been running ever since seven weeks after I had surgery, so when I got cleared it wasn’t [anything] different.”

On how he is approaching the competition at wide receiver:
“When you’re in the NFL, there’s going to be competition every day. When I was at Miami, I had just enough competition there. You just have to come to work every day. Do what you have to do mentally and physically, go out there and have fun and compete with the other guys.”

On the openness of the wide receiver competition:
“It’s an open competition between everybody. You have to come to practice every day, work hard in the meeting rooms and stuff like that to get better, compete, be consistent and get better each day.”

On how this year is different from his rookie season:
“This year, it’s totally different from last year. I know what [coaches] are expecting now. I’ve been through last year. I know what coaches expect. I know what I need to do. I’m more confident in the playbook. I know a whole lot more. I’m ready to just go out there, be more confident in what I do and just have fun.”

On what he needs to do to get better:
“I just need to go out there, be consistent and get better each day, compete at a high level, have fun, and just make plays.”

On if he would have liked to have been with the other receivers in Waco:
“Of course I want to be with my teammates getting better, but like I said, I couldn’t. I had to be here, rehab, and get my injury better.”

On his impressions of Robert Griffin III:
“He’s a good guy and a great player to have on our team. It’s going to be fun being out there with him making plays, also with Pierre [Garçon] and Josh [Morgan] and all the other guys. We’re looking forward to the season.”

On his comfort level after the team added more depth at wide receiver:
“I’m very comfortable. I’ve always been around a deep group of guys at receiver back when I was at [University of] Miami. It’s going to be fun. We’re all competing for a couple spots. We’re all having fun. We all communicate to each other in the film room, talking, having fun, stuff like that and it’s going to be a fun year.”

On if the receiving corps is stronger this year:
“Not to knock off anyone or anything like that – it’s a younger group, but players are going to always come to compete with each other. I don’t really know. You can say it is, but who’s going to know? We’re not going to know until down the line, Sept. 9 or whenever the first game is when we’re all out there making plays and stuff.”

On looking forward to the first preseason game:
“I’m looking forward to it a whole lot. Right now I am just focused on today. I’m just trying to go out there today and just have fun, compete, getting forward to make it through camp and doing what we got to do to have competition.”

On if he wants to practice in full pads:
“I feel good. Why wouldn’t I? If I feel good then put me out there and let me see how it goes. And then if I would have a setback or anything like that, take me off.”

On why he should be a starter:
“It’s not about if I should be a starter. It’s about coming here and putting in work. If I come in here put in work, bust my tail everyday and win the competition, then I guess that’s why. We’re all out here having fun. We all compete with each other. It’s an open competition and who ever comes out on top, comes out on top. ”

On things he does better than the other receivers:
“Everybody has stuff that they know they do good. For me, I’m not saying I do it better than anybody else. I just know what I can do. Whatever I do out here and practice each and every day, that’s what I’m going to do in the game and that’s what it’s going to be.”

On not being scared of setbacks:
“I guess that is what everything is about. I am totally confident right now. I’ve been working, busting my tail the whole offseason, ever since I had the surgery. I feel good. I am not focusing on that. I’m not worried about that. I’m having fun.”
OL and WR continue to be issues in regards to the health of the players.

This may be a partial explanation of why the team signed Briscoe today after he was cut by Tampa.

None of the other receivers have his size if Hankerson is out of the lineup.

Briscoe is 6'2 and 210.
Anthony Mix part deux???

Bite your tounge Yusuf. He, unlike Mix and Kelly at least has some great credentials. I'd hate to lose this guy.

Also....great to see you again. I hope all is well.
Hank flashed a lot more in his last game than Mix dreamed of. I am stoked about this kid and see big things for him.
Hank looked fine, he just needs to hold onto the ball. He dropped a lot of passes today.
Bite your tounge Yusuf. He, unlike Mix and Kelly at least has some great credentials. I'd hate to lose this guy.

Also....great to see you again. I hope all is well.
Back atcha Bro. As for my comment I actually was referring to Briscoe and Bulldog's comment about him being brought in because he's got some height. You guys have got to learn to read my mind better. ;)
Briscoe may or may not make it, but he scored 6 TDs last year receiving so there is no comparison to the myth of Anthony Mix :laugh:

Briscoe can at least catch a football :D

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