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Skins Quotes 4/27: Day 3 Picks


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S Phillip Thomas (Round 4, No. 119 Overall)

On his level of excitement when he received the call: "It's an amazing feeling. I've been waiting this whole time and watching. I'm happy I'm able to be a Redskin now. I can't wait to get out there and get to work." On his ability to be a ball hawk and make big plays: "I feel like it's just instincts. We changed our whole defense around this past season. Been in a 3-4 defense that created a lot of pressure and did a lot of different things. I was able to just play a little bit looser and use my instincts, and be the [….] that I always knew I was." On his visit to Ashburn: "I met with all the coaches, Coach Raheem [Morris], Coach [Mike] Shanahan, and talked and they liked me a lot. Liked what I had to offer at the safety spot, and just being the ball hawk and all the instincts that I have. We just sat down, ate dinner, looked over some film, and that's basically what we did." On his knowledge of the Redskins’ current safety situation: "I know that we needed a safety. I've been a Redskins fan my whole life. I know [Redskins safety Brandon] Meriweather was hurt this year and they needed a safety who could play the ball in the air. I'm happy that the Redskins organization chose me to be that safety." On how he became a Redskins fan growing up in California: "I have no idea. I saw them play one day on TV when I was younger and this was my team ever since then." On his favorite Redskins player: "Of course it has to be Sean Taylor. Of course it does. I play the safety position and to watch him play the game, as aggressive as he was, as great of a player as he was…He studied the film and did everything he had to do and was a perfectionist at the game, so of course he would be my favorite player of my favorite team." On the wait and how it felt to drop to the fourth round: "I started getting a little anxious, going throughout the whole draft and watching everybody get picked. But I knew God had a plan for me and all I needed to do was wait. I couldn't be happier with where I'm going now… [It stung] a little bit, but God has a plan for me. I'm going to come in and I'm going to give it all I've got. I'm feel I'm going to be the steal of the draft." On his style of play: "My style of play allows me to play both [safety positions]. I'm great at going to get the ball when it's in the air. I did a lot of things as far as blitzing and playing in the box, so I feel like I can do both. I feel like I'm an interchangeable safety that can make plays in the box and also play in the high hole and make plays in the air."

RB Chris Thompson (Round 5, No. 154 Overall)

On the state of his injured knee:
“Actually my knee is feeling really good. I’ve been told by my trainers and everything that by training camp I should be fine. I’ve been working out real hard and I’ve been feeling good so far. Now I’m just ready to join the Redskins and continue to get my knee better.”

On his prior contact with the Redskins:
“I received a good number of calls from [Running Backs] Coach [Bobby] Turner. He just kept calling me. He actually talked to my old running backs coach because he was just telling me he was really interested in me and liked the things I could do for the team as a player and person. I was really waiting patiently, looking forward to getting that call from Coach Turner.”

On persevering through his injuries:
“I just trust in God. My mom had me in church my whole life. I have a whole lot of faith and believe everything happens for a reason. I had my injuries but I was able to battle back. I just have a story that shows you can come better from these injuries. From my back injury I learned a whole lot and was able to love the game and play at a different level because I thought it was pretty much over for me. Now that I went through that, I know this knee will not be a problem at all and I hope to come back a lot stronger.”

On if his back bothered him this year:
“It hasn’t. It didn’t bother me at all. Since we started spring football after I hurt my back that previous season, I haven’t had any issues.”

On his best 40 time before his injury:
“My best one was 4.3.”

On his back injury:
“I broke my C5 and C6 vertebrae. They said it was the thoracic spine. It was kind of mid-back. It was a compression fracture that I had. I was worried, but I actually hurt myself at an away game and it just so happened that the doctor that saw me at the hospital told me he had a seen a previous guy that had been playing in the NFL at the time had the same injury had come back stronger. He told me I would be fine. I doubted it myself because I didn’t know if I wanted to go out and chance it again because I know how serious back injuries are.”

On his experience returning kicks:
“Actually, my freshman year I did kick returns along with former teammate Greg Reid. Coming out of high school, Greg was known as one of the best kick returners. We had a new coach come in sophomore year and he had me as a backup on kick and punt returns. I was the starter my sophomore year on. He primarily had me at the running back position but I’ve played all special teams before.”

On his thoughts about the Redskins:
“I’ve watched them a whole lot. I enjoy watching it because I like RGIII [Robert Griffin III] as a quarterback. I really loved him when he was in college and doing the things he did in the NFL as a rookie was just amazing. That offense… I could feel real comfortable there, being able to be in the gun and do those things like the read option that are real dangerous. I think with my speed and my ability, it could be a real great option. We ran the option in college. We didn’t run it as much my senior year. [Florida State quarterback] EJ [Manuel] was more of a pocket quarterback. We did do a lot of read option out of the gun. We didn’t have as much out of the Pistol this year like the Redskins do, but it was pretty similar.”

LB Brandon Jenkins (Round 5, No. 162 Overall)

On his health:
“I’m 100 percent ready to go and proud to be a Redskin.”

On his foot injury:
“I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason. It was a freak injury. I worked hard in the offseason. I was feeling great, but everything happens for a reason. It made me a mentally stronger and a better player on and off the field. A foot injury is all about patience. You can’t rush it. You don’t want to come back too soon and have future problems with it. I was in a boot and had to rehab. It’s all about patience. It takes about six months to heal and it finally healed.”

On how injuries affected his draft stock:
“I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason. I don’t regret anything. It made me a better person and player on and off the field. I’m ready to go to the Redskins and show what I’ve got. Nobody’s life is perfect. You’ve got to fail to succeed. You’ve got to go through things to make you stronger and that only made me stronger.”

On if he expected a different draft experience prior to the injury:
“I did, but it’s no worries. I don’t think about stuff like that. I’m in the door and I’m going to make sure I stay in the door.”

On what he brings to the Redskins:
“I’m bringing pass rushing dependability, great character on and off the field, and a hard worker.”

On if he’s played standing up or with his hand in the ground:
“In high school, I played stand-up 3-4 outside linebacker on the left side. When I got to Florida State, I had my hand in the dirt. But then my sophomore and junior years, I did stand up and had my hand in the dirt, so it’s a little bit of both. They picked the right guy.”

On where the Redskins see him playing:
“The plan is that I would be a stand up 3-4 outside linebacker.”

On his prior contact with Redskins:
“I had a visit up there. It was one of the best visits I had. I met with the coaches and watched a lot of film and they told me how they would use me. I met with the head coach, Coach [Mike] Shanahan, the linebackers coach, teammates. I met pretty much everybody.”

On his special teams experience:
“I played punt cover team.”

On his decision to declare for the draft:
“It’s 2013. If you have the opportunity to go, you can. I decided to come back one year and I wouldn’t do it two years in a row.”

On college teammate Chris Thompson:
“Oh man, he’s been through a lot, but he’s a hard worker. One of the best people I know on and off the field. He’s from the same area I’m from, so we should be pretty close. You chose the right one with him too. He’s just so fast and quick. He’s going to be real good.”

S Bacarri Rambo (Round 6, No. 191 Overall)

On his range of emotions watching the draft:
"I thought everybody had forgotten about me. I was sitting here praying, asking God to give me one team to like me. Then the Redskins called, and it's just a blessed moment. I thank the organization for believing in me. It was very hard because I felt like a lot of those guys weren’t near the guy I was, but everything happens for a reason. It put a big chip on my shoulder, so I'll just have to go out there and prove it to everybody."

On how much contact he had with the Redskins:
"I met with Coach [Mike] Shanahan and the rest of staff at the NFL Combine these past couple months. I really like them and I feel like I could fit the team good, and they felt like I could fit in, so they gave me that call. I'm just glad and blessed."

On his drug suspension and how it impacted his draft position:
"It was a very selfish decision I made, but I grew from it. It helped me put my priorities in order and just take every moment as it comes. It helped me be a better person, mentally strong. I hit adversity and all, and I overcame with my teammates. I'm just happy to be where I'm at right now. I understand where they're coming from but that's behind me. That's my past. I can't control my past. All I can do is just grow from it."

On joining a team in need of help at the safety position:
"I can go help that team as much as I can with my talents and be around that great group of guys and learn from them. It's going to make me a better player, making me strong and make me go play harder."

On playing through the adversity of losing his son in 2011:
"It was a very, very emotional week for me. I couldn't practice for a couple of days. I even thought about not playing. But God put in my heart to just go out there and provide for my team and help my team out because I had to put my team first, because that's who helped me through the situation – all my friends and my close teammates. I hit adversity, but God helped me and I overcame it."

On which safety position he prefers:
"Whatever benefits me to help the team. That's all it's about. It's about the team now. I can play both. It depends on what the team needs me to play. I think I'm more of a free safety. I feel like I like to showcase my ball skills. I'm not going to put my nose in and hit somebody. I like to play coverage better. I feel I have pretty good ball skills and I have speed, enough speed to cover some receivers, so I'd rather play free. But I can play strong, too."

On his new teammate and fellow safety Phillip Thomas:
"I spoke to him a couple of times, but I didn't really have the chance to sit down and talk to him. I think he's another great safety and I know he was feeling the same way I was feeling, watching all those guys go above us. But now we're together and will hopefully get a chance to play right beside each other, not playing the same position. We can go show everybody we'll be the best duo in the country."

RB Jawan Jamison (Round 7, No. 228 Overall)

On what waiting to be drafted was like:
"It's been nerve-racking and it's been a long time, but it all paid off."

On his ankle injury:
"My ankle is fine. Everything is 100 percent. It was my right ankle. It was a bone bruise… It didn't bother me until I would get whipped around. That's when it would fire up. It would hurt, but sometimes I could play through it and sometimes I couldn't."

On what the Redskins said they liked about him:
"They like everything I bring to the table. I can pass block, I can run, and I can catch out of the backfield as well."

On his potential role with the team:
"I feel like I can be an every-down back, and then I can come in and do whatever the Redskins need me to do."

On his pass protection and receiving:
"I feel like I do that very well. I didn't give up, as I recall, any sacks this past season and I catch on to the pass protection schemes very well and quick. I feel like I do a very good job at [receiving] because I know that being a running back isn't all about just running the ball. You have to be able to be versatile, especially nowadays in the game that is presented before me. I feel like I've been doing very well with everything."

On his communication with the Redskins coaching staff:
"I didn't get to visit but I talked to the running backs coach [Bobby Turner] a good amount of times, and we had a good relationship."

On the decision to enter the NFL Draft with two years of eligibility remaining:
"Ultimately, my mom had breast cancer. I just wanted to help her out and help out my sisters. She's been doing good. She's a trooper. She's always been up for me in the past and she did everything she could. She was like my mother and my father all in one.”

On the zone blocking scheme:
"I like it all. I can get down and get vertical very fast, and read the blocks and set up the blocks. I feel like I do that well and it's something I'm going to do well and excel at."

On being drafted in the seventh round:
"Everyone would want to go early, but it's all about that opportunity. The Redskins gave me that opportunity and I'm going to make the best of it."
Strong faith, strong resolution, determination and chips on their shoulders are all common denominators here. Can't wait for mini-camps and Training Camp to see how these guys show up and fit.

Still disappointed we didn't upgrade the receiving corps but maybe with another year under their belts, some of those guys can improve.

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