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Skins Quotes 11/15: M. Shanahan/K. Shanahan/Haslett


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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On tackle Jammal Brown’s not practicing today:
“Obviously it was a setback because he couldn’t practice today. He was quite sore this morning. We didn’t know he was going to be that way. We thought he was going to practice. He got in this morning for treatment and that is why he is out. So it is a setback, but we will find out here shortly how big of a setback it is.”

On if it would be fair to say he isn’t expecting Brown to play this season but is hopeful:
“Yeah, probably.”

On if Brown needs a MRI:
“I really don’t know. We will find out in the next 24 hours.”

On wide receiver Pierre Garçon’s progress:
“He made progress. He is improving. Hopefully there is no setback but he has gotten better each day.”

On if Garçon could contribute if he isn’t 100 percent healthy:
“I’m not sure how many guys this time of the year are 100 percent. I think everybody is banged up a little bit and you fight through it. Pierre is one of those guys. He has just been out for a while.”

On safety Brandon Meriweather:
“I think yesterday he was a little bit sore but he pushed through it and I thought he had a good practice today so I’m hoping there is no setback tomorrow.”

On Meriweather’s pregame collision with wide receiver Aldrick Robinson in Week 4:
“It was a freak thing. Anytime you have those headsets on and they both were pretty close to the end line, it was just one of those freak situations. We tell those guys, our security, to kind of keep an eye on these guys as they go out in pre-warmups. But I don’t think I have ever been in a situation quite like it where you lose two guys a couple hours before the game in a freak accident.”

On if he will tell guys not to wear headphones while warming up:
“You tell guys, 'If you have headphones on, be careful,’ because you could run into somebody just like he did. It’s kind of like jogging down the road…if you ever wore headsets, it is not real safe.”

On if Brown was at the facility today:
“Yes, he was here today.”

On the statement issues by Director of Security Ed Burke:
“I can’t really comment on that because it’s an ongoing investigation. What I can talk about, I thought Ed made it pretty clear what happened, or at least what he could say.”

On the fine issued to cornerback Deangelo Hall:
“The NFL came in here and talked to a number of players. They got their opinions on what happened on the field. I talked to a couple of them on my interpretation, but it wasn’t official. It was through security. We just got the fine yesterday, yesterday evening I believe.”

On if Hall plans to appeal the fine:
“I’m not really sure to be honest with you. I haven’t talked to D-Hall about it yet, if he plans on appealing. But he had a chance to talk to a number of people from the NFL. Merton Hanks was here, which is always good. The NFL steps up and comes over here and has a chance to hear our players’ side of the situation.”

On Hall stating that the referee was equally at fault:
“Like I said, I thought D-Hall did everything that we asked the guy to do. I thought there could have been a number of fines that occurred from the receiver. Obviously, he was not penalized, but when he did take his helmet off that’s what he was fined for. You can’t do those things. You have to keep your poise, even in a situation that is pretty tough to do. That’s why he was fined. He hasn’t had a lot of situations like that. That’s one he’ll learn from. Hopefully he can go on and he won’t make any mistakes.”

On if he was fined for taking his helmet off:
“Once he took his helmet off and he had those verbal confrontations with the official, that’s what he was fined for.”

On if his penalty was mitigated by anything the officials did:
“I can’t go through the whole scenario with you guys exactly what he said or the official, I can’t go through that scenario. There were differences of opinion about what occurred by a number of players. That goes back and forth and they make a decision on the fine.”

On if it is common for the NFL to launch an investigation about an on-the-field incident:
“They don’t do it very often, at least in my experience.”

On if there was any punishment to the referee:
“I don’t know. I really don’t know.”

On if referees ever respond angrily to players or coaches on the field:
“About 47 percent of the time [laughter]. I don’t know. Not really. Usually everyone is calm, cool and collected. Every once and a while, someone will get a little excited. Never me, obviously, usually the officials. It’s part of football. You’re going to have some confrontations on the sideline, but usually it’s guys you have worked with for 15, 20 years. Some guys are new, but we understand their job and they understand our job. Sometimes it’s an emotional state, but you work through it.”

On the pitfalls of playing against rookie quarterbacks:
“You haven’t had the chance to evaluate them a lot, except for the limited play he has had. You get a chance to go back into preseason, you just really don’t know for sure. We were lucky enough to have him for a week at the Senior Bowl. Not that you know everything about him. He’s a great kid with a lot of ability.”

Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan

On how the bye week helped the offense:
“I think it was good for everybody – just from a physical standpoint, guys who are banged up. Everyone is banged up this time of year. You get some time off where you can rest your legs and you don’t have to hit also. Guys get fresher. I think mentally too, just to get away. You can’t really fully get away. It’s not vacation because you have to come back and you have a lot ahead of you. Just to rest the mind a little bit and come back a little fresher – ready to go.”

On what he has seen from wide receiver Pierre Garçon so far this week:
“It’s been good. He’s out there. He’s battling through it. By no means is he 100 percent, but it’s been good that he’s been able to get through practice.”

On the challenges in facing a Wide-9 defense like the Eagles run:
“It’s a huge challenge. They really crash the pocket. They crash the O-line every single play, whether it’s a run or a pass. It really turns people. It’s hard to get outside on it. It muddies everything up and pushes everything from the middle. It can be a tough defense to run on and it can be a real tough defense to drop back and throw on.”

On if the Wide-9 defense will affect zone reads:
“I don’t know. There’s not a lot of people that have ran it versus them. If we run a couple, we’ll find out on Sunday. It’ll be interesting to see. They do their scheme and we’ll see how it plays out.”

On if Garçon has to be 100 percent to play this weekend:
“No, he doesn’t have to be 100 percent to play. Pierre came in and he still did some things in those games that he played in that did help – and just having him out there. We definitely wanted to get him to 100 percent. Now we’ve seen that we’re not sure if he’ll ever get there and we would definitely rather have him out there than not have him at all. We think he can help regardless of what [percent] he is.”

On what he remembers of Eagles quarterback Nick Foles from the Senior Bowl:
“We got to spend a week with him. He was a good guy. He worked hard – real soft-spoken guy. It was his first time really doing snap counts down there and stuff because they were doing a lot of no-huddle and stuff. It was fun to work with him and I enjoyed him.”

On if working with Foles will help them prepare for this weekend:
“No, nothing at all. When you go to the Senior Bowl, you don’t get to work with the guys as much as you think. We get them for like 45 minutes a day. Off the practice field, they’re running around doing stuff they have to do with the league or advertisements – I’m not sure what it is. We’re mainly just trying to get them to have a chance to learn the plays and what we’re calling so we have a chance not to embarrass ourselves in that game that we do in the final week.”

On if it helps the offense that the Eagles haven’t seen much zone read:
“I really probably can’t answer that until Monday because you don’t know. We like to have an idea of how they’re playing it because you have to... It’s all about techniques and stuff. You have a hat for a hat and you have to block the guys. This defense is not real confusing. They play their gaps, they play their fronts and they get after you. This team plays fast and the main thing is beating the man in front of you. We’ll see how their techniques are – how they play it. We have to block the guys, we have to read the guys right and hopefully we can make some plays.”

On if quarterback Robert Griffin III looks hungrier after the bye week:
“I notice Robert is like that every day. I think that’s just who he is. If I were to say a guy seems a lot hungrier, it almost seems like it’s not a good thing to say because that means he really turned something on. From the day I met him, he’s been hungry and I think that’s why he’s been successful.”

On if guard Josh LeRibeus being active against Carolina was a result of him showing things in practice compared to earlier this year:
“Yeah. LeRibeus gets mainly scout team work. Same with [guard] Mo [Maurice Hurt]. It’s something we evaluate every week. He’s been doing a good job on it. He’s been working hard and getting better. I thought he deserved to get a chance to be up.”

On if it’s harder for offensive linemen to get on the field earlier:
“I think there’s no absolutes. Every position, every situation is different. In general, I think it does take O linemen a little bit longer. The hard thing is you can’t keep that many people on your roster, so regardless of whether they’re ready or not…It happened to us last year. It looks like it’s happened to Philly a lot this year – from what I think, but I’m not sure about that. You end up having to play the guys you have. Younger guys coming out of college, you don’t want to have to play them right away because college is different – especially with all the spread options and stuff people do in college. People are used to playing a lot higher, playing a little more lateral. The NFL is different in the penetration and stuff like that. I think it does take guys a little bit longer. I think it’s very similar to the defensive line, too. I would say out of any positions, the guys up front usually take a year or two.”

Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett

On what free safety Brandon Meriweather can bring to the defense:
“Hopefully, we can get him back. We’re not really sure yet. He brings leadership. He’s got great ball skills. He’s a guy that loves football. He studies the game. He spends a lot of time… He’s a guy that can make plays. He practiced a little bit yesterday. I’m still not really sure where he stands but hopefully we’ll have him back.”

On how Meriweather will contribute to the defense:
“He can do a lot of different things. He’s an ex-corner so he can cover. He’s got good rush ability. There’s a lot of things that you can take advantage of if he’s healthy.”

On the extent of Meriweather’s knowledge of what to do on defense:
“That’s something I hope I can find out. But I really don’t know yet.”

On Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Nick Foles:
“I watched him on film. He’s a good football player. We looked at the preseason games and all the snaps. He actually runs the offense. He does a good job running the offense. There’s no pitfalls. He’s a good football player. He’s a big guy. We had him at the Senior Bowl so we know a little bit about him. He’s a big guy with a good arm. He can make all the throws. He throws a 60-yard touchdown pass against Cleveland. It was nice, on the ball, right on the money. He actually runs the offense very well.”

On if there are any pitfalls facing Foles:
“There’s no pitfalls. He’s a good football player. There’s a lot of young guys playing in the league right now, a lot of young quarterbacks. We’ve got one. He’s just another one. It gives us six rookies starting in the league this week. He’s a good football player and he does a good job with the offense.”

On the Eagles offense:
“They’ve got some pretty good football players. You’ve got a lot of speed. The running back’s a heck of a football player, and the two wideouts. Even with [wide receiver] Jason [Avant] being hurt, that helps out. They’ve got a bunch of guys. The tight end’s a good player. They do a nice job.”

On slowing the Eagles wide receivers:
“You’ve got to do different things against them because they do such a good job. Andy [Reid] and Marty [Mornhinweg] do a nice job of game planning what you do. So you’ve got to have a good mixture. You’ve got to have some things that combat what they’re going to do against you. They’re going to come out and their offense will not change. The offense is going to come out, they’re going to be high tempo. They’re going to try to move the ball up and down the field. They’re going to going to give you different personnel groupings. They’re going to run a bunch of different things at you and you need to be able to withstand the onslaught early. Then, you kind of settle in to what we do and what they do.”

On if the defense will be complacent facing Foles:
“I’m not going to do that. Not this guy. Just knowing him and watching him on tape, you’ve got to treat this guy like he’s played in the league. He’s got composure. Nothing really bothers him. Like I said, he can make all the throws. When you look at it and go back and look at all the games he’s played, all the snaps, he does a nice job. He throws the screens well. He throws the outs, deep balls, the comebacks, the hitches, the over-the-middle, the red zone routes. He can make all the throws. Now he might not be able to throw it 80 yards like the other guy but he can get it down the field. That’s good enough. He can throw it.”

On what the coaches accomplished during the bye week:
“We took a little different approach, as I think somebody said before. We kind of got ahead because of the short week next week. We looked at Dallas and did some things. We looked at ourselves. We didn’t have a lot of time but enough that we could get ahead on things.”

On if he received any insight from meeting with players during the bye week:
“We’ll find out.”

On evaluating players’ skills during the bye week:
“We did a lot of that. We talked to guys about things we expect from them. We’ve got to get on a consistent basis. I think we got our point across. I think they understand where we’re at and where they’re at and hopefully it will pay off for us.”

On if the one-on-one meetings are unique to the bye week or if they occur throughout the season:
“You do it throughout the season. But this was a good time to have them.”

On if these meetings are something they’ve done in the past:
“You address the problems when you have an issue. This was just good timing, that’s all.”

On who was involved in the meetings:
“It was a little bit of everybody.”

On if he thought things were starting to fall apart:
“No. I think it was good time to have talks with individuals and groups. It’s nothing different than you do throughout the season but this was just good timing. It was a good time for it.”

On nose tackle Barry Cofield and defensive end Stephen Bowen being elected captains:
“I think it was the right choices. I do see great leadership from those two and London [Fletcher]. I think they’re good choices. They’re all playing at high quality, all three captains. They are playing good football and they’re good leaders. They’ll take care of the responsibilities that a leadership role entails. I think the three guys we have got are the right choices for it.”

Dead Money

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Jul 25, 2009
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I have never, ever seen a coach so uncomfortable during a press conference than Haslett this week. Its been getting worse and worse with each loss but my God he is frazzled.

Lanky Livingston

Shanahan said:
“Like I said, I thought D-Hall did everything that we asked the guy to do. I thought there could have been a number of fines that occurred from the receiver. Obviously, he was not penalized, but when he did take his helmet off that’s what he was fined for. You can’t do those things. You have to keep your poise, even in a situation that is pretty tough to do. That’s why he was fined. He hasn’t had a lot of situations like that. That’s one he’ll learn from. Hopefully he can go on and he won’t make any mistakes.”
On if he was fined for taking his helmet off:
Shanahan said:
“Once he took his helmet off and he had those verbal confrontations with the official, that’s what he was fined for.”
I guess they asked him to take his helmet off and act like a moron? D Hall is a cancer, but it makes me absolutely SICK to see Shanahan defending him.

The wheels are coming off, fellas. I just hope RG3 comes out of this season unscathed. Sigh.

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I don't see how he was fined for his helmet being off. He had to have been fined for the verbal assaults. The helmet was beginning to come off because of the play, and then the clock was stopped, making it legal for him to remove his helmet.

Maybe I am wrong and remembering it incorrectly. I am curious as to whether or not the ref is going to have any kind of fine. Josh Wilson said he was throwing words as well.

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