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Skins cut 5.....anybody surprised?

Not surprised by any of those, really. Hagans cut himself the first preseason game. Clark was putting QB's in danger in pass pro every time he took the field. Fincher, Grant and Marquardt never managed to get on the radar screen.

It's a cold business. On the other hand, not everyone gets to be a rock star either.
I'm surprised a bit by Fincher. He looked good in last year's preseason. Promising.

This year, he's looked a bit more slow of step, getting burned a few times by nimble tight ends.

I like Hagans. He's a guy who has played a lot of quarterback from my area who won a state championship in high school and was a decent QB at Virginia. He's been trying to convert to receiver, and maybe he'll catch on with another NFL team or play in the UFL. That Baltimore game killed him.

The others never stood out in any way, shape or form.
I was mildly surprised only by Fincher. He hasn't had a very good preseason so far but he has proven himself on special teams. If we're looking to keep Mitchell on the final 53, we'll need all the special teams help we can get.
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Not promoting Glenn or Henson to make the team but both guys are younger and probably a little faster than Fincher so I'm guessing that is what made Fincher expendable this early. Not to mention, and I hate to bring up FO politics, both Glenn and Henson were draft choices and Vinny seems hell-bent on improving his rep as a drafter.

Another reason could be the play of Robert Thomas, who also excels at Special Teams and has outplayed Fincher from what I've seen.

As for the other guys, no real surprises.
Well, the thought about Vinny and the draft picks did cross my mind. I just didn't want to be the one to say it. ;) However with Thomas, Blades and Wilson as our backups we can probably afford to give Henson or Glenn a year to develop.
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You keep your draft choices because you scouted them and project their talent to this level.

While it may be absurd to keep all 7 or 8 picks each year, it is true that a number of the 2008 picks seem to have improved a lot since last season.

It used to be that you gave draft picks 2-3 years to develop before jettisoning them.

Look at all the players Beathard selected that took some time to become impact players.

Besides I didn't see the team cut any all-pro candidates to make room for the picks that were kept in 2008.
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Not too surprised by these cuts.

Next cut down to 53 will have some shockers I am sure.

I feel Betts will be one of them.
Nothing surprising with this list. Like SF44 said feel the final 53 will have some surprises.
I think Mason is pushing Betts. Will be surprised if Marko doesn't make the final roster.
Besides I didn't see the team cut any all-pro candidates to make room for the picks that were kept in 2008.

Pretty good point...Billy McMullen was probably the biggest surprise cut last year after the solid preseason he had. But I believe he's without a team now, after Detroit released him just last month.

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