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Signs of the Redskins times


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Jul 16, 2009
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As time ticked down Monday night, the hapless Washington Redskins wrapped up their loss to Philadelphia with what I thought was a fitting final bit of buffoonery: a direct snap to the Eagles' defense. Ya know, after four turnovers and six sacks, what the heck, you might as well just eliminate the middleman and hike it right to the D. This may or may not have been the handy work of the team's new playcaller, Sherm Lewis, a great coach who has not worked in the NFL since 2004 but was staying sharp by calling bingo games at a retirement home in Michigan.

The Redskins, as you may have heard, have hit a bit of a rough patch. They haven't sniffed the Super Bowl in 18 years. They tend to overspend on free agents and underscout their draft picks. They've pretty much ruined the coaching careers of most of the guys they've hired. And they haven't scored more than 17 points in any of their past 10 home games.

Despite being the only team in NFL history to play six consecutive winless teams, they've somehow started the season 2-5 thanks to a pair of statement wins (meaning: by a total of five points) to the combined 0-14 Bucs and Rams.

Oh, and did I mention this headline from earlier in the year? "Redskins sue elderly fan for breaking season ticket agreement."

It must be the bye week. The same old news being rehashed.
The dropped the lawsuit when the PUBLIC found out about it

not shocking you see the negative side of it ;)

Given his knowledge of how "you-know-who" operates, I can't say as I blame Sarge for being a little, shall we say...skeptical?...if something is done that appears to be the "decent" thing to do. From what I've, heard and read on the topic-I myself have little trust in the motives behind F.O moves-but I'm cynical by nature.
Yeah, she was terrible with money. So much so that she could afford, when things were going well, her house AND higher grade season tickets.

Sorry, but if this had never reached the public, she'd still be getting the royal screw from the danny
We've been over this issue several times already Mike so I won't belabor the point. However, suing Granny is almost always a stupid move because even if you're right, you're going to get beat up in the press about it and long after the specifics of the issue have faded from people's memory, you'll still be remembered as "That team/owner that sued Granny."

Of course as is typical of Lord Lilliput, F.O. types that screw up get promoted. So it was that the idiot responsible for the "Granny lawsuit" PR nightmare is given additional responsibilities. That just makes me wonder what's left for Vinny to be promoted to again after getting the VP promotion?
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