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Season Ticket Holder Survey - *sigh*



They send these out every year. I can't remember if it was on the last ones, i'm sure it was and I just didn't see it.

I was looking for the column to check 'I DON'T GET TO BUY PLAYOFF TICKETS BECAUSE YOU SUCK EVERY YEAR, ASSCLOWNS' but it was not provided. I had to check N/A.

On a serious note, things have been steadily improving since Allen got there. My scores reflect that. I'm hoping everyone else's does so they continue to invest in the direction they're going.


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Jul 28, 2009
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Yorktown, VA

My buddy has Club Level seats. His contract expires this year and he decided not to renew them. We figure we can get tickets from Stub hub if needed.

His main reason is the lack of value for product on the field. As he said, if the team turns things around it should be no problem to get club level tickets again.


Based on what I know about it all, I'd say he's spot on. Only thing I'd disagree with is that I think the team is already getting better - but that's just my opinion, I very well may be wrong.

Cannot blame anyone who's given up their tickets. Especially club level that require multi-year contracts. This team hasn't been good enough to justify 1 year of club seats, much less 3 or more.

edit: btw - that's why I marked 3's and 4's for what I did. the value of the product on the field is not in line with the cost of attending a game, much less all the games.

a lot of the survey was about pre game and half time entertainment. sorry, i'm there to watch the redskins play football. don't really care which band you have playing for pregame.

also - punt pass and kick needs to be done every week. that was fun on Monday night :) brought back memories. they seemed to do that at every game I went to at RFK. always wanted to participate :(


Gave mine up four years ago and bought a bigscreen. Haven't looked back since. And the Skins can look at one entity, themselves, and the ****ty product they put on the field for 20 years for the reason why. Got tired of driving 2.5 hours, sitting in traffic, paying stupid prices to park, having to cover my kids ears in the stadium so they won't ask "Dad, what does **** mean?" sitting in sometimes ****ty weather, all to see the team play like ass and lose.

I'd like to see RGIII play live one day, but as someone else said, that's what StubHub is for

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