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Saints at Packers (Week 1, Opening Game!)

The NFL is king. Feel free to pay your respects.



Does this game thread go here? Is anyone going to be around for it when the game is on? Might be fun. Not sure how the game thread stuff works here at BGO.

Anyway, I think the Packers are going to win this in a shootout (well, thats what I'm hoping for so Brees gets me some fantasy points.)

35-31 Packers.


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Aug 1, 2009
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Dude, you have not seen the chat room, have you? That is where we go for Redskins' games. Maybe we can start one for the game tonight.

Edit: I started a chat room for the game tonight if anyone is interested.
I called the room "other teams".
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Apr 11, 2009
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So is it just me, or is this one of the most exciting NFL season starts ever?

I'm feeling it. I was pretty down amidst the player/owner collective bargaining wranglings. But now that it's done, and NFL football is here - man am I excited!

I even dug Roger Goodell's email to fans today:

To NFL Fans:
This may be the first week of the regular season, but it has the feel of a Super Bowl week for the NFL. One of the reasons is that we will unite with the rest of the nation on Sunday to reflect on the anniversary of 9/11 and honor the spirit of America.
All of us in the NFL appreciate your patience and understanding through what was a most unusual and challenging off-season. Now we are ready to enjoy what the NFL is all about -- great players, great fans, intense competition, the performance and passion surrounding America's most popular game.
Thanks to the hard work of our players, club owners, teams, and staff, the NFL's pledge to deliver great football to our fans has been strengthened and is more secure than ever. We start the regular season and the race to Super Bowl XLVI with tremendous anticipation and momentum.
We want you most of all to sit back and enjoy it – in our stadiums, on television, and wherever else you connect with the NFL. Football fans enjoying football is what we love.
Be assured, however, that we believe in better. Players, owners, coaches, team and league staff – working together -- will be putting our collective foot on the accelerator. We have more work to do to improve our league and game on a variety of fronts. We will do that by continuing to focus on the quality of the game and innovation. And we will do it relentlessly.
On behalf of everyone in the NFL, thank you for your incredible support, and thank you especially for sharing your views with us. Please keep it coming. We value your opinion because it helps make us better. The passion of our fans and communities is what makes the NFL so special.
Thank you again. Let's get it started.

Roger Goodell

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