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Royal Wedding


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Aug 1, 2009
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I am surprised no one has started a thread about this monumental fairy tale event!

Edit: For the record, I didn't follow the damn wedding, I just found that image priceless!~
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First, a disclaimer...

I am not a fan of the queen. I truly believe she is a despicable human being and is the common denominator of the mess that has been the royal family over the years. Prince Chuckles and Miss Moose Face aren't much better. Ditto for Andy.

However, I like Prince William. He is down to earth, well grounded, very likable, and is a genuine person that you can trust. His new bride has the same qualities and is very genuine too.

I really like Prince Harry and that rebel spirit. He brings a smile to my face because you know he will do something daring, bold, funny, or unique. He's the perfect younger brother.

With these two young men leading the way in the future, it will be refreshing to see a monarchy that is likable and in touch with the public.

That reminds me - I have a caption thread coming shortly. :)
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When I first saw a thread for this, I was about to come ask you when you grea a vagina, then I saw the post. Kudos :claps:
This was all the females in my life could talk about yesterday. I had lunch with a bunch of female co-workers yesterday. Sadly, this topic made it impossible for me to discuss the NFL Draft. I finally commented 'man - you all are ALL about the wedding. The marriage? Eh..not so much. But the wedding....' :)
eh......kinda young to be balding isn't he? and not even married that long!!!!

awesome dress uniform though.
he looks like a general in ronald mcdonalds army..
:laugh: You just nailed it completely. I was looking at a picture on People magazine at the store the other day wondering why he would wear something that ugly, and what it reminded me of. That's some funny stuff right there.

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