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Redskins Tailgate for Seattle game Nov 27th


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Jul 27, 2009
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Spokane, WA
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For anyone out West, or others contemplating attending the Seattle game Thanksgiving weekend, Sunday Nov 27th.

I can tell you first hand that the Seattle crowd is harmless during non playoff games. Especially since they suck. So if anyone went to the 07 playoff game, and remembers the awful treatment we got- I can tell you that was not the case the following Nov (2008). We had an awesome tg party 3 yrs ago, that I and a couple guys from Seattle help set up. We had around 50-60 people at least, but I think that we can get a much larger number this year. Especially with Twitter, Facebook and the message boards.

Tickets go on sale Aug 29th, just go to Tickemaster, or the Seahawks website for details.

I will post a map of the TG area soon. We plan on having it at the same location as 2008.

So for anyone going, please post here and as we get closer to the game, we can plan all the goodies.

Trust me- the last one got rave reviews (a group of us partied up after the game too), and the stupid Hawks fans were not a problem at all. We also are planning on a Sat night gathering (details TBD)

PS, This is a potential flex game. It is scheduled at 1pm PST, but I guess could change depending on how the season progresses.

EDIT:Hotel- I found a great hotel just a couple miles from the stadium, and one of the only hotels that offers Free parking (huge for Seattle). Its just a couple blocks north of the Space needle. http://www.starwoodhotels.com/fourpo..._083111_NAD_FM

I got my reservations on hotel.com- $112 (after tax) for a King or 2 Doubles.

In 2008, a huge group of us met at the Fox Sports Grill- http://www.foxsportsgrill.com/seattle/default.aspx
Hopefully anyone who goes will want to meet up there Saturday Night. Its huge, and great atmosphere.
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Location is along Utah St, South of Edgar Martinez Dr and North of Massachusetts St. a couple blocks south of the stadium. Have a good crowd coming so far. No offense, but way more response on the other message board, so more info there. not sure if anyone on this board is going.

Map showing the area we will be at. Due to all of the construction, its kind of in disarray. Just PM me for any other details.

Hope you have a good time, LJ. Wish I were coming up...I like the Seattle area and taking in a game there would be good fun.
Hope the party is amazing! The game will be...sigh.
L J, just stay away from Dearborn and I-5! That's where I broke my arm before the playoff game! :laugh:

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