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Redskins @ Rams: Predict The Score


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Apr 1, 2011
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I want to first gloat about picking the Redskins to beat the Saints 38-34 yesterday. I've been close before, but that's pretty damn accurate.

This week, we have a team that is quickly becoming a team I hate. A team we seem to have problems with constantly. But, this is a different year ladies and manladies. We have a machine at QB :)

That being said, I did the same thing I did last week. I played Madden 13 with the roster update on all pro difficulty. So here's how it's going down Sunday....

Redskins 48
Rams 13
I hope so. If we do then the Redskins will have scored as many points in two games as it took them into the middle of the 5th game last year to score.

I'll be a little more subdued and pick Redskins 31, Rams 17.
I just don't know. I'm so blown away form game 1 I just don't know what to expect. I think, until he proves otherwise, I'll assume RG3 is who we saw. All signs point to it. I'll go wiht 35-17
Skins 35, Rams 13. I'm going "blowout" this week.

Redskins 27 - Rams 24. Jeff Fisher has this Rams team on a whole new wavelength, and they are a lot tougher on D. Redskins got away with a lot because the Saints just aren't that great on D, and it will be tougher this week. Should be a good test.
Not only does Fisher have the Rams on a different plane, but Fisher and Shanahan go back. Fisher might not be as caught off guard as Spags. Spags had no answer for Griff, I think Fisher may.

Key will be the offensive line for the Rams. They are not nearly as good as the Saints OL and Bradford does not avoid the sack as well as Brees. Our defense is going to rough them up a bit!

20-10 Skins win.
Well...we are all overjoyed at the win yesterday. It is the first of many that we have been waiting. Although a great win, there are still some re-occurring problems. One of which is the blocked punt. We can't afford giving anyway easy TDs. Then there was the fumble by NO that went out of the end zone - lucky bounce? Who knows, but the outcome could have easily been different. We also need to stop the ridulous prevent defense. The defense was playing well - why change? If we play the Rams as well as we saw our team play NO, this could be a blow out. 42-17 skins. Pressure is on the coaching staff for no let downs.
I mentioned in the chat yesterday during the game that I really wanted the Rams to hold on to that win in Detroit. Had they beat the Lions, I think they'd be breathing a bit easier going into their home opener next week. I think the last second loss puts a bit of a chip on the shoulder of the Rams. Provided we don't turn the ball over as frequently as the Lions did yesterday, I do believe that we'll be able to handle St. Louis. With that being said, don't kid yourself and think that the game will be over before it starts. Expect it to come down to the final 5 minutes or so in typical Redskins fashion. Provided we make plays when we have to and get into a rhythm quickly on offense, it could be another happy Sunday. Ultimately though, I think Shanahan will play a critical role this week. He needs to ensure the players don't read too much into any media hype they receive this week.

Rams 23
Redskins 20
Saints will be without two starters on the oline who were injured yesterday, their free agent center and left tackle.

Could be a long day for Sam Bradford.

Skins 20 Rams 6
Skins 28
Rams 12
Skins with a big run game to ease Fisher's pain and keep Doe Bradford off of the field to play another day.
Rams 26 Redskins 24.

Just have this uneasy feeling that this is a "gotcha" game. Hope I'm wrong.
Redskins 30
Rams 17

We score a defensive TD on a Kerrigan forced-fumble and intercept two Bradford passes.
As I type this the damn Cardinals lead the Pats 20-12, the Bucs and the Gints are tied at 27 and the Panthers have a two TD lead on the Saints in the 4th quarter.

I ain't endorsin'or predictin' nuthin.

Neither the Giants nor the Eagles deserve to win today. Both both just might.
Redskins 27 - Rams 24. Jeff Fisher has this Rams team on a whole new wavelength, and they are a lot tougher on D. Redskins got away with a lot because the Saints just aren't that great on D, and it will be tougher this week. Should be a good test.

DAMNIT. I was one stupid TD away from being almost perfect. STUPID RAMS.

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