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Redskins Insider: LeBron roots for Cowboys and London Fletcher



Let's clear something up real quick. At Sunday's game, LeBron James was in attendance rooting for the Cowboys. Prior to the game, he was on the sidelines, tweeting things like, "All of this Maroon and Yellow is making me sick to the stomach!" Following warm-ups, while most of his teammates sprinted back to the locker room, Redskins linebacker London Fletcher, a Cleveland native, came over to James and the two shared a few words and a laugh on the sideline. "I was giving him hassle about being a Cowboys' fan. I wasn't showing any love," said Fletcher. "'How you going to be a Cowboys' fan? I gave you a Redskins' jersey last year." So that's interesting. Assuming James kept the jersey -- a No. 59 with "FLETCHER" written across the shoulders -- he's a Cowboys' fan with burgundy and gold hanging in his closet. Apparently, in their brief discussion on

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