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Redskins Insider: Clinton Portis practices for the first time since Oct. 3 injury


Veteran running back Clinton Portis participated in practice Tuesday for the first time since suffering a severe groin injury. "He took a few plays today, which is a good sign," Coach Mike Shanahan said. "I can't tell ya if he's 60 percent, 70 percent, but he's biting at the bit to get back, which is a good sign. Hopefully, he'll keep on improving over the bye week." Portis has been sidelined the past four games after suffering the injury during the Week 4 victory against the Philadelphia Eagles. The nine-year veteran was expected to be out at least four to six weeks. After the bye week, the Redskins resume their schedule Nov. 15 against the Eagles at FedEx Field. Portis plans to continue to rehab during the Redskins' break. "I think where he's got to gauge himself is on certain types of cuts," Shanahan said. "He can go straight ahead


I can't help but think that this has got to be a good sign for our pass protection packages. I spent much of this last week's game wishing Portis were available for that alone.
While Portis is huge in pass protection, and sorely missed, we need a center more then anything. Portis has become somewhat fragile for lack of a better word. Our pass pro can't always depend on our running back as much as it does.

Yes, a back blocking is generally part of the game, but when suck as badly as our interior line does, it only over works an aging back like Portis that much more. With 8 games to go, I don't expect Portis to play in more then 4.

I know the line can't be fixed this season, but if we intend to keep Portis around past this season, he can't be on the field as often as he has been for the rest of this season. He needs to be very limited in his game reps.
Hell, Portis could do as good a job as Rabach. Why not let him play center?

Ooops! Drugs wore off. Forget that idea.

Don't rush it, but Get Well Soon, CP.
CP's play has been missed, I just don't want him back too soon. Get healthy, we need a mean 26 coming back....
Miles, do you see a timeshare with Torain, or Portis being used as a third down back? I could see Shanny giving Torain the bulk of the carries with Portis coming in for pass protection on third down.
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Miles, do you see a timeshare with Torain, or Portis being used as a third down back? I could see Shanny giving Torain the bulk of the carries with Portis coming in for pass protection on third down.
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I agree Shanny will stay with Torain as the primary back.... this season. I think Portis will still get some carries, but the way Torain has been running behind our crappy line, Portis's day is done. I fully expect us to pick up another rookie back in the off season. If he can stay healthy, I think Torain will be our feature back next year, and we'll pick up another rookie in the later rounds, as Williams has yet to impress, and I don't expect Portis to be here.

Everybody credits Shanny as being a great QB guru. Maybe so, but I've always viewed him as the best evaluator and coach in the running game. Once again, the true goal of this season is evaluation.
Heh heh. If evaluation is the key, wonder what he thinks of our line?

I agree with you and would love to see him go for a RB late and surprise people. It seemed to me that while in Denver his o-line was the key to their success, not necessarily the RB. Not to say the RB didn't matter, he found some great ones, but the whole key to the ZBS was the line. I guess that's why Dock isn't playing right now, even though we seem to want to pass more thann run. I look forward to another draft with Shanahan and Allen; especially now that they know the existing personnel and can draft accordingly.
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I couldn't agree more when it comes to the O-line. It's semed the Shanny could just plug in any old back, and have great success running the ball.

I'm not saying I've given up on being more then a 500 team this season, and if Shanny can keep these guys fighting the way they have been, the future is bright IMO.
At this point Portis is more valuable to McNabb and the offense as a pass protector than runner.

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