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Redskins: Five things to know


The 1st Round Pick
Jul 16, 2009
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ASHBURN, Va. -- Observations from Washington Redskins camp:

1. Look out for Brian Orakpo. The team's first-round pick, Orakpo is having a marvelous training camp and, at times, has been unblockable in practice. The Redskins plan to play him at outside linebacker in their base package and move him to right defensive end in nickel and dime schemes, with Andre Carter moving to the left side. To say the Redskins are happy with him is an understatement; they're positively overjoyed. Orakpo has been explosive off the snap and experiences no trouble with pass coverage. I know it's early, but if Orakpo plays as well in games as he has in practice you should consider him an early contender for Defensive Rookie of the Year. "He's really good," said offensive tackle Chris Samuels, who has blocked against him in practices. "He's really quick and really strong. He can do some of the things that DeMarcus Ware does." This could be a good year for Washington rookie defenders. Defensive lineman Jeremy Jarmon, a supplemental selection, has been a pleasant surprise. Originally the plan was to go easy with him, with an eye toward next year, but Jarmon is making so much progress -- with two sacks at Saturday’s scrimmage -- he figures into this year's rotation. "We expected him to come on," said executive vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato, "but we didn't expect him to come on this early."

Out of Nowhere Man
Chad Rinehart is working at starting right guard because Randy Thomas is hurt. Don't be misled. Rhinehart is pushing for a starting job, and there are those in the organization who think he can win it. That remains to be seen, of course, but he looks sharp in practice, showing good feet and balance in the face of a pass rush. Rhinehart was a third-round pick a year ago but did not play, so he committed himself to improving in the offseason, jacked up his weigh to 310 pounds and is now pushing Thomas for a starting job. "We had a nice little talk with him at the end of the season," said offensive line coach Joe Bugel. "We said, 'You need to bulk up some more and get more strength.' So he went back to Northern Iowa [where he attended college] and started pounding the weights. He put on about really good 15 pounds and came back a completely different player and person. He has confidence in himself, and he's a warrior. He's a good athlete, and he's very intelligent. He's a good learner."
Frank10Tank picks TE Fred Davis
We heard all this talk about Zorn drafting Davis to allow for some double tight end sets. Well bring it on!
Who is your Out of Nowhere Man?
2. Second-year pros Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly will push Antwaan Randle El for the job as the team's No. 2 wide receiver. Randle El should be the slot receiver, with either Thomas or Kelly taking a spot opposite Santana Moss at split end. Thomas is the frontrunner, but only because he played last season while Kelly was
I am hopeful our o-line will be adequate, Thomas or Kelly or both step up and Davis adds another dimension. I think we will see a pretty good QB in Campbell is that happens.
1. Vick or Young would be worse than JC. Oh sure, Vick might run all day and his rushing numbers might be great (I say might he has been out of football for 2 years now.) but Vick's career accuracy is worse than Campbell (53.8 to 59.7) same with young (57.3).
WCO relies on accuracy so how can Vick or Young be better in this system if they are more inaccurate than Campbell?

Just b/c some guy at training camp holds up a sign that says DC WANTS VICK, doesn't make it true, nor does it mean that Vick would do better here than JC or Collins or Brennan for that matter.

2. As for the great performances of the rookies or the 2nd year guys so far; until I see it on the field in a actual game I take it with a grain of salt. That said, Orakpo is going to be a monster!!!!! Possible DROY yeah I think so.
Is anyone starting to think that Carter might be backing up Orakpo by the end of the season? ...depending on how Wilson looks at SLB anyway. I haven't put much stock in Orakpo's beating our RTs like a drum, but his beating Samuels a good bit says a lot I think.
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It's nice to see the positives. I'd be really really really cool to have a real pass-rushing DE for once. That would be really cool.

I would be happier if one of our youngsters were pushing for the #1 WR spot. That's where we have a real need. I like Moss, but he'd be better as the #2. He's very spotty as the go to guy. We really need a bread-and-butter WR.

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