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Physical Fitness/Training Thread


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Jul 24, 2009
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This is where we post our training results, physical tasks that we've completed that we're proud of or questions to other members of the forum.

I've been weight training for ten years, I've been powerlifting for five years.

Recently I just started taking mixed martial arts classes.

I'll gladly answer questions posted here as well... If I can anyways. I know a good amount of stuff, but man, the amount of stuff I don't know is crazy long as well :)

Feel free to discuss anything in here...

I know the p90x craze is in full swing, so I'm sure we have some of you guys in here as well :)
I actually took up cycling around Christmas...its tough to ride during the week, but my brother and I try and get in a 40-45 mile ride every weekend. That's made a big difference for me. I love to run, but as I get older, my joints take a beating - so riding is a better alternative. I work in some bowflex. I'm probably in the best shape I've been in in a decade right now. And I love to ride - it's never boring because the scenery and experience is always different. Getting geared up to do the 'Tour to Tanglewood' here in a month+, two days of 50 miles each with camping/drinking overnight in between, all to benefit MS research. Looking forward to that.
Got inspired by Mike Williams, lost about 12 lbs. Started eating better and training with the Nintendo Wii. You get one hell of a work out by jogging and boxing with it.

Then had some job issues....started over-eating again and not working out. Gained the weight back. Going to try again..........
That happens, WD.

Everyone falls, it's how you get up that matters man. Stay focused and get it done, I'm sure you'll get the job done! :)
I was big into weights for 30 years and still have a fully equipped gym in my garage.

Last October I made the decision to move more towards cardio-vascular fitness improvement. I started a regimen based on running with walking recovery periods as needed. My first couple of times out I could only run about 200 yards before needing to walk. It took me almost three weeks (going out 5 times per week) to make it one mile without stopping.

This month I will run close to 90 miles. It would be higher, and much faster, but for the extreme heat and humidity we experience down here in the summer. It's like running under water at times. I like competing in 5K and 5 mile races. In January I'm going to attempt my first half-marathon.

I'm not one of those who loves running, but I do love it when I'm finished. The sense of accomplishment is what I'm addicted to.

I expect to average around 120 miles a month from October- April/May. I also do core strengthening workouts plus assorted push-ups and dips about 2-3 times per week.
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Just got back from a 38 mile ride through Alamance Couty in (way) rural N.C. Really pretty, but a lot of up and down. We didn't go as far as I would have liked, but it was a pretty good workout. For those that have let it go a bit in recent years, I really recommend the bike thing - most places have community rides so you can start out slow and easy with plenty of other folks who may not be in super shape. It's really an addictive sport.
Six miles today. A real 'underwater' day today with the temperature at 85° and high humidity lending itself to a heat index of 96°. :thud:
the wife and I began working out at the gym again about 8 weeks ago. Two nights lifting and two nights cardio. we do another day or two of bicycling or roller blading.

Then thursday, after working hard on legs the night before, I did a front kick at work and tore my hamstring badly. Limping and having trouble do much of anything. Two days of Ice, now alternating with heat and ice. going to PT tomorrow. Any advise on healing a hamstring injury would be appreciated.
I wouldn't heat it, bud. Stick with ice for the swelling.
Todays workout:

Barbell Hang Cleans (Bar x 5, 95x5, 135x5) - Went light, pinched nerve in my neck sent shooting pains through my left arm with each rep. Felt strange... Yet awesome.

Ultra Wide Stance Romainian Deadlift (225x5, 275x5, 315x5) Went too light. Too easy.

Conditioning Work:
50 Box Jumps
100 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
20 Pull Ups
1 mile run

19 minutes 57 seconds.

That mile was the longest damn mile I've ever run in my life. I can't run distances worth a damn. I'm more trained for power lifting and combat sports. I'm trying to get a little bit better well-rounded now though.

In January, I was 201 pounds. Not fat, but not in great shape either. In July, I'm down to 174. I feel better than I've felt my entire life. I'm faster, stronger and much more agile.

If I start fighting MMA, I'll be fighting at 165, so I want to walk at around 170. Gotta keep plugging :)
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I want to tone up and if I take a certain career path I am looking into I need to be buff enough to kick all of your butts! I do have one issue though. I hate the gym. More like I despise the gym. I will run around and lift tailgate coolers, walk my hounds etc all day long but the minute I walk into a gym I am bored to death. I have tried the TV, music, book thing but it never helps. I want to do something to build up my knee and just to tone up but I have no clue what to do. Any suggestions?
huly - have you tried working out with a friend? how about a personal trainer? when i tore my achilles tendon (twice) a few years ago, i never would have made it back without my physical therapist. he understood when to kick my behind to get me going.

you might also try to figure out why you don't like the gym and change venues for your workouts...
huly - have you tried working out with a friend? how about a personal trainer? when i tore my achilles tendon (twice) a few years ago, i never would have made it back without my physical therapist. he understood when to kick my behind to get me going.

you might also try to figure out why you don't like the gym and change venues for your workouts...

Yes I have tried that and I still hate it. When I tore my knee I thought therapy was some kind of torture my doctor was making me go through for not listening to him and destroying my knee again but my mom made me go.

I am ADHD and being so hyper I get bored in seconds. Then my mind starts going and I can think of 50 better things to be doing then I can not get it to shut up then I am ready to leave as soon as I get there. I am a very active person (I guess that comes with being hyper :blush:) but I can not find a way to keep myself entertained in a gym.

Bench (135x3, 225x3, 245x3) - Easy day. Went light. My joints hate me :)
DB Incline Flyes (3x25lbx10) - Light again.

Bloody Dumbell Complex:

Hammer Curls 5 w/ each arm
Alternating Military Press 10 w/ each arm
Forward Lunge 10 w/ each leg
Alternating Bent Over Row 10 w/ each arm
Backward Lunge w/ Overhead Press 10 w/ each leg
Romainian Deadlift 20 reps
Standing Calf Raises 30 reps

Did 20s on the first set, 25's on the second.

10 minutes of HIIT
good point, mike. there used to be a trail near U of M college park with workout stations to break the monotony of your jog. should be similar trails all over the area.
I need to rebuild a knee prior to running etc. My knee will make grown men and trainers squirm. I can move my knee cap in every direction possible. I tore my ACL and MCL in highschool, had a bad orthopedic, decided to then try soccer, then ended up in surgery.
I stopped going to the gym about 2 months ago. I've gained about 10 lbs in the process, even though I walk/run several times a week- I just know it's not enough. My issue is time. I get up at 5am, and after my commute I'm usually home about 5:30-6pm. Once I get home, I want to go to sleep, not the gym. I've tried to get up at 4- yeah, I'm a zombie/bear mix when that happens. I'm in the roller coaster mode right now, up and down 10-15 lbs every few months since my knee surgery last year. I'm good with my nutrition, I just need to figure out a workout schedule and stick with it.
while Im watching TV sometimes I will grab the broom, put it across my shoulders and just do twists. I will sometimes do situps during commercials. other times I will do as many pushups as I can while a ESPN story is going on.

so many little things you can do. or something as simple as flexing and holding a certain muscle even does a little bit. push against a door jam...resistance builds great muscles too.

great ideas...I have started to do lunges across my back yard in the evening. gives me a chance to pick up dog poo, throw the ball and get my own exercising in. last night took dogs to ball field by my house and I was lunging all across the field while they played.

Box Squat:


1x385x1 (went light here, legs were tanked)

DB Hang Cleans:
1x35x5 each arm
1x60x5 each arm
1x70x1 each arm

Bulgarian Split Squats:
1x30x6 each leg
1x40x6 each leg

Hamstring Curls:

Bridges w/ Medicine Ball:
3x30 seconds
mike, kdawg & others - how much time do you devote to workouts every day? feeling guilty when i see your daily repertoire and i'm doing less than an hr/day and nothing close to the iron y'all are pressing!

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