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PFT: Shanahan's options are narrowing


During an appearance on ESPN's Sunday morning SportsCenter, Adam Schefter explained that former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan believes that it' important to "always keep your options open."Meanwhile, Shanahan's options at the NFL level are shrinking. He has told the Bills...

I'll be honest, I was somewhat shocked that Snyder didn't pull the trigger and fire Zorn after last week's humiliating loss. I'm not sure there's any benefit to waiting, but he must be very very confident the Shanahan hiring is a done deal. I also have to think that Snyder remembers the beating he took when he dumped Norv before season's end. Although I doubt there'd be any outcry in this case, he may just not want to deal with potential criticism. The other factor could be that Shanahan has asked Snyder to wait, out of respect for Zorn. I think that could well be the case.
The longer this goes on, the less likely this "Shanahan to Redskins" idea looks.

Boone, agreed. I figured Zorn would be gone after last week.
I really get the sense its a done deal. The press loves to take pure speculation (ie..the Florida vacancy) and turn it into a 'rumor' or an 'unofficial sources says....' item. I'll be shocked if Zorn isn't fired after the San Diego game and Shanahan immediately announced as the next guy.
In the article, I like the idea of Kubiak coming with Shanahan as the OC. Of course he'd have to be fired by the Texans first and I'm not sure how realistic that is.
i see this as pure speculation on the media,s part to just get a story out on it .
so again wait and see but i,m ready for all of this crap to come to an end to tell ya the truth...our next coach in waiting will probably be named coach within the week after our last game against the chargers.
If you were Shanahan, do you want to be on the sidelines of this team before the end of the season? What can you learn that either you can't learn from Bruce Allen or from watching the team perform on TV?

The flaws are obvious. Some of the players have quit. Others are in uniform and on the field but simply don't belong in the NFL (see offensive line here).

Don't you think Shanahan is smart enough to see that?

Am I the only person sitting here thinking that Shanahan was NEVER going to seriously consider the Bills or Browns?

Just isn't his style.

Shanahan has been in San Francisco, Oakland, Denver.

All programs with a high profile across the NFL.

He isn't going to a destination where he has to 'recruit' players because of the poor climate or deal with a smaller budget because of low team revenues.
Well, unless, or until he's named as head coach, automatically compelling me to be in the tank for him 100%, I remain defiant.

Just Say No To Shamahan!
Because of Snyder I don't think an NFL assistant or relative unknown is going to be successful in Washington.

The HC has to have a resume of success so Snyder backs off and allows him and Allen to build an organization.

Once Snyder sees that the results are positive and HE starts to get credit for being a good 'executive', then I think the paradigm will be broken and the team will be fine with Snyder going forward into the future.

But these next 2-3 years are critical and we can't afford to take a chance on a guy like Zorn that needs a year or two just to figure out how to be a HC in the NFL.
That's what I've been saying as well Bulldog. All chances we could succeed with an unknown ended with the Spurrier and Zorn experiments.
As someone mentioned in another thread, chances are Snyder is waiting to let Blache and Bugel retire first. Then again may just fire Zorn, let them retire and cut everyone else loose.
i,m right there with ya on this bulldog.

great read..

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