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Opposing Delicacies...


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Thought it might be fun to look at regional foods in the road cities Washington plays in...

I know a little bit about Buffalo as I did consulting work for a company there for years, and was frequently there for a few days at at time.

Everyone knows about Buffalo Wings, but I'm going to tell you about two foods few have heard of but that Buffalo is known for. If you go to Buffalo, and ask 'what should I try while I'm here?', you'll undoubtedly hear about two items. The first one I highly recommend. It's 'Beef on Weck'.

You're probably asking - what the hell is 'Beef on Weck' :)

Beef on Weck is a sliced beef sandwich served on a kimmelweck roll (think of this as a bun that's made out of a salted soft pretzel). Legend is that around 1900, a street vendor from Germany was serving these and this favorite sandwich grew in popularity from there. Served with 'au jus' and/or horseradish, Beef on Weck is just an amazing sandwich.

Buffalo is also famous for 'Sponge Candy'. I know - doesn't sound very appetizing does it? But Sponge Candy is a crunchy, lightly toasted toffee made from sugar, corn syrup and baking soda, enrobed in a creamy chocolate coating. You can find it with and without a chocolate coating. It's pretty tasty and has a unique consistency to it (hence the 'sponge candy' descriptor). Sponge Candy starting showing up in Buffalo and the Niagara area in the early 1940's and has been a regional delicacy ever since.

So - next time you are in Buffalo, get yourself some Beef on Weck and Sponge Candy. They're especially tasty right after watching the Bills get whooped up on by Washington!
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We're in Atlanta on Sunday. If you want to get authentic Georgia cuisine, you've got to start with one of my wife's favorites (although she'll scream to the moon they are really a South Carolina delicacy) - Boiled Peanuts. Peanuts have played a huge role in Georgia's history and economy, but I'll confess, the first time my wife spoke lovingly of Boiled Peanuts, they just sounded entirely gross to me. Do not - I repeat - do not, buy Boiled Peanuts in a can at the grocery store. To truly appreciate them, you have to go to a roadside stand like 'Fred's Famous Peanuts' near Atlanta.



Boiled peanuts are soft, moist, and pretty damn addicting. Eating them warm right out of the water is the way to go!

When you're on the street in Atlanta, keep your eye out for a rainbow umbrella. When you find one, you've stumbled onto a 'King of Pop' popsicle stand. Their concoctions are an Atlanta cult favorite (although rumor is you can now buy some of their treats at Whole Foods).



A classic Atlanta pit-stop is 'The Varsity' which makes a world famous chili dog they say you have to try!


And if you know what's good for you - you'll wash that dog down with some classic Coca-Cola, since you're sitting in it's birthplace.
Not exactly a culinary power. 🤣

Makes we wish we were playing in New Orleans.
Yeah - it's tougher with big cities (although Atlanta is known for other things, including fried chicken and peaches). Kinda like trying to say something unique about the DC food culture... not sure where I would go with that?
Other than blue crabs I would have to really think about it.
Yeah - and let's be honest - that's a Maryland thing...
Well, it’s a Maryland team. 😉

I see it as more of a DMV thing.
Maryland Blue Crabs. It’s not a DC/Washington/Virginia thing. At all.
Bram knows.

Bringing this thread back from the food grave…

A few delicacies Denver Colorado is known for… the list starts with one that is truly memorable…


1. Rocky Mountain Oysters
Yes, that’s right, Denver is best known for having the best fried bull testicles you’ll find anywhere! What constitutes a really top notch testicle, can’t say, but there you have it. I am a very adventurous eater. Would I partake? Probably. But I’ve managed to avoid being put to that test so far in life.


2. Colorado Lamb
I mean this is ranch country. It’s lamb. From Colorado. Nice way to cleanse your palate after those fried bull testicles.


3. Fool’s Gold Loaf
Basically a hollowed out loaf of bread, filled with a mix of peanut butter, jelly, and bacon. Elvis is rumored to have flown in just to partake. Of course he died on his bathroom floor, so there’s that to consider.


4. Blue Moon Beer
A Colorado favorite beverage, Blue Moon Beers are famous for using unique ingredients including coriander, oranges, and honey.


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Because I'm a 'put your money where your mouth is....' kind of a guy, I will be preparing and trying Rocky Mountain Oysters before the game on Sunday. Video so you can appreciate the entire experience will be included.

Damn John...that's commitment.
Oh - it’s going down today. Waaay down 😳
Will be posting my video shortly, but color me shocked. They are good - really good. I've gone back for seconds. My wife will not partake, but as I said, she generally avoids that part of the animal :ROFLMAO:

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