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Om Field: The OT Russell Okung Files


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Apr 11, 2009
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The OT Russell Okung Files

Continuing our look at prospects considered the most likely to be selected by the Redskins with the fourth overall pick in next months NFL Draft, today we turn out attention away from the glamorous, high-profile quarterback position to the blue-collar, concrete-and-steel position of offensive left tackle.

Below you will find biographical data, scouting reports, draft projections, ranking and videos on Oklahoma St. LT Russell Okung.

Those hearty enough to wade through to the end will find my quick take on the player himself and, on the premise that they will use and not trade their top pick, my thoughts on whether or not the Redskins will and/or should draft him.

Bon appetit.


Height: 6-5
Weight: 305
Born: 10/7/87
College: Oklahoma St.
High School: Hope (TX)


Russell Okung (born October 7, 1987 in Fort Bend, Texas) is an American football offensive tackle for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. He is considered one of the best prospects available for the 2010 NFL Draft....


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Jul 15, 2009
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The fact that Brian Orakpo sung his praises convinces me all the more that he should be our pick at #4, providing the Lions don't grab him.

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Jul 15, 2009
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Very nice article on Okung- good research. I usually do a IIWII consensus draft pick every year for the Skins and this year it will be for Russell Okung and while there has been mass discussion on the QB vs. OT at #4 argument at BGO, I'll sum up my reasons why I'm for Okung.

I do agree with the view that a "franchise QB" trumps other positions generally when it comes to draft value....there's only a few problems with that when it comes to the Redskins and this draft class.

1. I'm not fully convinced that there is a "franchise QB" in this class. Bradford would possibly been the #1 QB in the 2009 class and appears to have all of the intangibles to be a franchise QB, but he's got a decent learning curve ahead of him. Clause is probably the best week 1 starter coming out of this class, but I don't think he has much upside at the NFL level and I have concerns about where he really ranks (while walterfootball, NFL Draft Countdown and Mel Kiper rave about him, you have Todd Mcshay and NFP giving him late 1st round grades) as a pick. Like I've said, I'm just not sold on Clausen and think he will struggle in the NFL.

2. Need. Need is a dangerous thing when it comes to the draft, because this is where teams will reach for their "grail" to fill the hole the team lacks and usually. In this case, there is little reach for Okung on most draft boards.
At worst he's at 7 (ESPN) at best he's 5 (CBS, NFLDC). Let's assume Bradford goes #1 (which is likely) then it comes down to Clausen and Okung. Clausen is all over everybody's board. So going after Clausen could be the reach that could be the next Heath Schuler.

Next point on need: Can you name the starter?
Who is the Redskins starting QB if the season started today?
Who is the Redskins staring LT if the season started today?
That's my point. We don't have a starting left tackle or even a backup left tackle on this roster as of now (unless you feel comfortable with Heyer, Robinson or Oldenburg). Like Jason Campbell or not, we do have a starting QB on this team.
We can't assume that good left tackles will get cut after the draft or during/after Training Camp and the few FA tackle prospects we tried to sign (Pashos, Clifton, Sims) didn't become Redskins.
The Skins could work a deal maybe to try and trade for Jared Gaither but he has injury concerns and hope they'd be willing to take either #37 or our 2011 1st rounder.
I think there will be another big run on OTs starting early in round 1. Even 2nd and 3rd tier guys could be off the board by the time the Skins get to #37 which again means trying to reach to fill one huge gaping hole.

If Shanahan/Allen take a QB at #4 I won't be angry or upset and I would never boo the kid (unlike Eagle fans) b/c I do have confidence in their evaluation of talent but I do think that if they pass on Okung (if he's there) at #4, then they are missing an opportunity for an impact player who will have an immediate impact starting week 1 of the 2010 season and hopefully a very long term impact on this franchise for the next decade.
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Dec 12, 2009
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If we don't pick Okung with our #1, the only reason I'll have to be up at 4am on a Monday morning to sit through a game will be to witness the possible career-ending injury to Jason Campbell. If we don't get decent help for him, he WILL cop a serious injury.

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