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Om Field: Haynesworth: An Ill Wind Blows Away


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So I guess I have to write about Albert Haynesworth.


I am not going to regale you with the history or the facts, you can get those a million different places today. If you want a quick, concise overview though, here is the best single piece I have seen yet. It has all the salient news and most of the salient quotes. Be sure to watch the video as well, there are some player quotes in there that haven’t gotten much play in print that you’ll want to see.

What I would like to say, as much for my own sake as anything, is this:

As a fan of the Washington Redskins, Albert Haynesworth's decision to play The Spoiled Brat role to a degree rarely seen in professional sport was actually a welcome surprise.

Sure, like many, I had an initial angry reaction, but it was more outrage at the simple gall of the man than it was related to the best interests of the Washington Redskins. The anger was quickly replaced, however, by a clear sense of ... relief.

See I had been reconciling myself all spring to the idea of having to root for this guy again on Sundays this fall. And I wasn't happy about it.

You know the inner dialogue:"hey he's a great player when he wants to be; maybe he'll be in shape and play like he actually meant what he said about wanting to be remembered as the best ever."

Yeah I know. Tastes like something stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

Well, I was resigned to having to chew on that again. To feeling like I did last year trying my damndest to cheer when the man made a good play, then mentally look the other way as he lay exhausted on the field after making it. Pretending, all the while, that I didn't notice the bile churning at the back of my throat.

I didn’t like him. I didn’t want the overgrown spoiled manchild on "my" team. But dammit, he was on my team, and on Sundays when the game was on and the fur was flying and the blood was boiling, he was wearing burgundy and gold ... and so I pretty much wanted him to kick some serious opponent ass.

Thanks for that link, Om. I just watched the video.

Did McNabb say "We don't want him here."? That's what it sounded like.

If so ... ouch.
Wish I could view that video, but nfl.com is the only site on the internet where I can't watch videos. Doesn't matter the browser, doesn't work at all. In FF they don't play at all (same in Chrome and Safari). In IE, only the ad plays (same in Opera). I'm up to date on all browsers and on Flash, and can view videos everywhere else. Anyone else find a solution to this? I've written the site, but they don't respond. Very frustrating.
Henry, I thought McNabb said "we don't want him here" at first, but I think he actually does the PC thing and says "we all want him here." What I'm guessing is he's doing his best politically-correct public pose there. I'd like to hear the context of his answer, i.e., what specific question he was responding to.

Understandable, given he's the new guy in town and by virtue of being the starting QB the defacto Team Player Spokesman, but still a little disappointing. Would love to have heard him say, "**** off Albert--we don't need you." :cool:
but they do need him. that is the problem.

oh well. the inner child has mastered the man.
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I had NO PROBLEM with him working out on his own.....WITH the caveat that he would attend all of the mini-camps, including the NON-MANDATORY camps. Since then, he has done anything and everything he could to thumb his nose at the organization. While I want him gone, I also want him to give the $21 mil back that he collected in good faith. I'm hoping the team stands firm in that he either gives the money back or he sits out the 2010 season.

That said, I think this situation could actually serve to strengthen the team. They could all pull together as "anti-Al" and have a "us against the world" attitude that could actually BUILD team chemistry. Maybe I'm just trying to see the bright side of this crappy situation but I'm hoping it ends up working to our advantage.
but they do need him. that is the problem.

oh well. the inner child has mastered the man.

Do they need him? Really? If he doesn't want to play the position and role assigned him do you really think he will the dominating Haynesworth we paid all that money for? If he is focused on how unhappy he is will he be that focused on playing his assignment? If he isn't happy how many more "injuries" will he suffer and sit on the sideline with?

I don't want him on the field if he isn't going to give it everything he has and I just don't see a scenario where that happens.
I don't want him on the field if he isn't going to give it everything he has and I just don't see a scenario where that happens.

I agree and I don't think anyone within the entire organization trusts him to give his all.

Come on Al, give back the $21 million. Keep the interest and use it for Twinkies and moving expenses to your next destination.
Tell us why they need him, Daddy.

The trainers need their weekly workout, running out to tend to his "injuries." I mean, if our trainers are out of shape, what will we do?
From Wednesday, more proof that the players actually DO notice how much money other guys make. From an interview with Ma'ake Kemoeatu on the LA and Dukes show, via Steinbog:

"My main job is just to make sure the linebackers can flow to the ball," he said. "If I can keep the offensive line off of 'Rak and Fletch, to let them run around and sack the quarterback and make all the tackles, man, that's what I want to do. That's what they brought me here for, and that's what I do for a defense. It'll be a lot of fun."

Huh? Fun? Without the glory? What the heck planet did this guy arrive from?

"If I was getting paid that much money, I'd play any position, put me wherever you want to put me," he said. "We were just talking about that in the locker room. I was like, 'If I were to win the lottery today and I get $100 million now, I would still be playing football.' I love the game. I grew up playing around it. And a lot of people was like, 'We're not doing it for the money, we're doing it for the love of the game.' "

Huh? Love?

"At the same time, we've got bills to take care of," Kemoeatu said. "But $100 million takes care of a lot of bills, you know? That's a lot of bills. I don't know how much bills you've got. I know some fireworks went down today at the facility with Haynes not showing up, I just hope that they get something worked out. If Haynesworth is with us this season, we'll be a great defense. I was looking forward to working with him. And if Haynesworth is not with us this season, we'll still be a great defense. You know, with or without Haynesworth, we're still rolling the ball and we're still gonna bang heads."

Click link for rest.
Wow, I love Kemo now! Didn't know much about him before, but this guy is what the team needs!

Good find!
As best as I can tell, the locker room seems united as a team and won't take kindly to someone doing anything that would undermine that unity.

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