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Om Field: 2010 Redskins Schedule - First Reactions


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The upcoming NFL season swam a bit clearer into focus yesterday with the release of the 2010 schedule.

First gut reaction? Count me as one Redskins fan pleasantly surprised. It seems, at first blush anyway, that for a change the NFL has given the Redskins a bit of a break. Courtesy of redskins.com, here is the who, when and where regarding the burgundy and gold's schedule this fall:


It's interesting ... when the Redskins were really good--and I can say this with confidence because I am old enough to remember the days when the league release the new schedule during the first Gibbs Era--I would scan semi-arrogantly down the list to find the 2-4 games I thought the Redskins might actually lose.

Thing is, I am also young enough to not have forgotten looking at the schedule release since then, when the Redskins have been mostly dead so many years, looking in quiet desperation for the 6-8 games I was pretty confident they might actually win.

Quick Note: please bear in mind that yes, I do in fact know that how a 2010 opponent did in 2009 does not necessarily indicate how they will play this year. Also, unlike last year I will not fall into the trap of scanning the newly released schedule for wins and losses. It’s a fools’ errand, plain and simple, as every thinking fan knows. There are far too many variables—there is no way to know what teams will be good, what key players on both rosters will be injured, or having career years, or what the weather will be like, or whether the refs will screw up in your team's favor or the other teams’ favor, how the funny-shaped pigskin will bounce, etc.

So, to the matter at hand. Here are some first-reaction observations immediately following the schedule release which, taken as a whole, contributed to the overall sense of "you know, this might not be so bad ..."

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"Uh oh" is right... ;)

You are a much braver man than I. I usually wait till I have at least seen a pre-season game to stick my foot in my mou . . . er . . . make my predictions on the team record.
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You're more optimistic than me. After my first glance at that schedule, and thinking about how far the 'skins have to improve, I only see 6-10 to 8-8.

Most of that improvement is because there is no way the Redskins get swept in the division two years in a row.

Now, if the Redskins show me something in preseason maybe I'll revise upwards, but now, with no offensive line and an unknown defense? 8-8 max.
I imagine us crushing Dallas on opening night and look forward to the rest of the league's collective 'uh oh'.
That's the thing about the inevitable scan down the list and first-blush win or loss exercise ... if you're going to do it honestly, quickly, straight through from start to finish, with no editing after, you may be surprised at the result.

No way I went into it thinking the 2010 Redskins were a 10-6 team. Truth is as of today I still don't. I see them in that nebulous middle-of-the-pack bunch that could finish anywhere from 6-10 to maybe 9-7 depending on the myriad variables, but not a serious contender.

But the fan in me, checking off the games in order, was a bit more optimistic.

Or stupid, depending. :)

We'll see.
I imagine us crushing Dallas on opening night and look forward to the rest of the league's collective 'uh oh'.

That'd be nice, but I only see maybe six games in there we win. I give us two more than last year for having a competant QB and coaching staff, but we just have too much suckage along the line
● The annual trip to Tampa Bay has been cancelled and the NFL will send the Bucs to Washington in 2010 on December 12. Clearly someone in the league office screwed up.


about time!
Okay, so I have the TV on in my office right now.....no sound, of course. Not sure who it is, but on ESPN right now they're making predictions on games during the coming season. I just saw them pick the Eagles to win over the Redskins in week 4, 31-17.


This is so far beyond ridiculous I don't know what to say.....
It seems, at first blush anyway, that for a change the NFL has given the Redskins a bit of a break.

Om, agree that having four out of the first six games at home is pretty nice, and that the league could've made our road more difficult to start out. However, the quote above implies that the league was tougher on the Skins in years past, when in fact the opening part of last season's schedule was as gift-wrapped as you could make it. Home games against the Bucs, the Rams, and the Chiefs, and an away game against the Lions? How Zorn managed to go 2-4 after 6 games against those tomato cans, I'll never figure out.
I am very hesitant about predicting a season record because not only have we improved but this season's schedule is far tougher.

Sorry Om, in spite of comparing total season opponents won-loss records with someone like the Cowboys, for example, the difference between the Redskins 2009 schedule and 2010 schedule is this.

We gave up:

Kansas City Chiefs.
Atlanta Falcons,
Carolina Panthers,

and replaced them with

Green Bay Packers,
Indianapolis Colts,
Minnesota Vikings,

Oh, yeah, we did lose the Saints and get the Bears, so I guess that's some consolation.

The 2010 schedule isn't a "gift", it's a challenge. Granted our schedule toughness relative to the rest of the NFC East, may be a bit easier but the entire NFC East now has a wicked out-of-conference schedule that will make a 10+ win season extremely difficult to attain for anybody.

(The poor Cowbums have Indy, Green Bay, and Minny as road games-just breaks my heart, I tell you. :lift:)

We've improved to the point, I think, of actually winning some division games-I wouldn't be surprised if a multi-team tie at 9-7 is the final division outcome.

The thing I want to point out is that-yes, the Redskins look to be better, potentially a lot better than we've been in some time-but the NFL scheduling hasn't favored us with another buffet of bottom-feeders like last season so don't expect a miracle.
Without looking at your final prediction I'm going to guess you said 10-6. :)

EDIT: I see a few posts down I was correct. Damn I'm good. :D

EDIT AGAIN: Going game-by-game I see 7 wins tops. 2-4 in the division and wins against Tampa, Detroit, Rams, Chicago and Jacksonville. And that's kind of on the outside. I'm not sure we win two in the division, and Chicago and Jacksonville, both road games, are by no means locks. Of course there's a lot of offseason to go but doing this now was your idea. :)
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me either......but the schedule looks tough for a 4-12 team....to be the best you got to beat the best....

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