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Old Dog Shows Same Tricks


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
Well, the Redskins didn't get blown out of a third straight game, so that is a positive. Of course, they were playing a team that sat all of its key starters and just wanted to make it through the 3 hour contest without any additional injuries. But after 45-12 and 17-0, that's a small detail :D

Realizing it was a JV game, it really wasn't that bad of a contest from a competitive standpoint. The Redskins were actually in the lead until the 2 minute warning and had made some plays.

Regardless of who was on the field, however, the characteristics of the Zorn/Blache/Cerrato team of 2009 ended up on display in the critical moments of the contest.

With a chance to take the lead by converting a critical fourth down play with 5 minutes left, the Redskins lined up for what was sure to be a run on a 'less than a yard' play and before the snap Derrick Dockery jumped offsides.

Instead of a 24-16 lead, the Redskins kicked the FG and went up 20-16 but gave the Chargers with backup Billy Volek just enough time and a margin to work with.

On the ensuing drive, the Redskins chose not to pressure Volek as per Greg Blache's inclination but rather sat back in coverage and watched SD march down the field for the winning score.

Along the way, Justin Tryon became the 850th defensive back in 2009 to drop a gift interception thrown into his bread basket that could have sealed the game for Washington.

But, this is not all that surprising. Whether it's the starters or backups in the contest (for either side), the characteristics of the Zorn/Blache team in 2009 were on full display for all to see.

How many games this season were lost in the fourth quarter when a defense that had been reliable for 3 quarters gave up a 70 yard drive to end the game?

Even John Lynch, the former Bucs safety who was calling the game, noted how conservative the Redskins were playing scheme-wise in the finale of a non-playoff season.

In the end you can't teach an old dog new tricks. And in the case of Zorn and Blache these were two very old dogs who are particularly stubborn in the way they handle things.

So, they got to walk off the field with a loss that looked remarkably similar to others the team suffered earlier in the season when there was some hope for this football team to be better than one angling for a top 5 draft pick.

But it was reassuring to know we as fans were seeing them do it for the last time together :)
I couldn't agree more. Just as you mentioned, the O couldn't punch it in the end zone when it had to and the D didn't apply pressure and gave up a long drive for the game winning TD.

A complete microcosm of the entire season. It's time to put the old dogs down. It couldn't come soon enough.
I cringe anytime a team is nursing a small lead, and goes to a prevent defense.


How can defensive coordinators still apply this strategy? HOW? I just don't get it.

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