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Official Game Thread - Redskins @ Panthers


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Jun 30, 2009
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So does Beck step out and out play the rookie sensation, Cam Newton? Will the Redskins defense make that same rookie look like a first year player? Will Kyle remember he has a running plays on his game sheet?

Tune in to see.
Well - Beck really couldn't ask for a better spot to get a start. The Panthers D has mostly sucked all year long, they're young, and on top of that, they are beat-up. That's not to say they'll lay down today, but we should be able to move the ball against them if Beck plays decently.
Nice tackling. :(
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looked like Barry Sanders out there lol
If Orakpo and Kerrigan don't get pressure it's going to be a long day.
Beck just did a Grossman and got lucky!:frown2:
Um... Blow to the qbs head much?
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Same old Rex ...
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Um Jamal Brown, you're job is to stop that.
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Beck looks slight and little to me. Can he hold up to the hits?
Clumsy too.. Timmay made up for it but he had a bad exchange earlier
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Is that 2 or 3 passes batted down? Damn. Homie ghotta find some passing lanes.
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There is zero attack downfield with beck.
1point per kick! Lmao
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I need to see beck make a couple of big time throws before I can believe we have any chance with him. KS has been more committed to the run this game than he has all season.
Panthers showing why they're 1-4 with their 400th penalty.
Shoulda called grounding on the panthers... For grounding beck!
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Somebody get me a shotgun... Feel like duck hunting all of the sudden
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Aargh! Gaffney how can you have two such big screw-ups two plays in a row! The first you can't drop. It puts in scoring territory. The second. You see that contact coming and you put two hands on the ball. You're a vet. You know that.

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