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Official Game Day Thread: Redskins @ Browns


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Griff is taking a rest on the bench with a bum wheel and in his place is the second rookie QB drafted by the Skins back in April, "Captain Kirk" Cousins. He has seen spot duty in relief of an injured Griff twice before this season with mixed results (2 INTs to go along with 2 TDs, as well 1 win and 1 loss).

He faces a rising Browns team on their own 3 game win streak and just a score away from being undefeated at home this year.

A win advances the Skins swelling playoffs dreams, especially since all the teams Washington is fighting with over a post season birth have tough games today (Chicago gets GB, the Giants are at Atlanta and Dallas hosts Pittsburgh). A loss, while not devastating, would hurt.

In this season of magic, do you still believe?

Until I see reason not to, I choose to believe. It's going to be very interesting to see if the Redskins go for it today - an aggressive risk-taking game plan is what I want to see. If we're going to go down, I want to see us do it with guns ablaze, not because we were afraid to take risks.
I wanted to have faith in Cousins, but I'm not sure now that any of what is going on is his fault. I think it's pretty clear so far in this game that without Griffin, this team has no confidence and zero heart. I haven't seen a single block yet, and the O-line's effort so far is the most effortless I've ever seen. If this doesn't change soon, we're getting blown out. By the Browns. And our season will be over.

I hope something changes.
These refs are doing their best to keep the Brownies in this game. Not calling PI, calling incomplete on obvious catches, etc.
These refs are unreal...Garçon just got a taunting penalty for something 99% of WRs do after every first down. BS!
Looks like we won't finish worse than 8-8 this season
Remember that scene in "Talladega Nights" where Ricky doesn't know what to do with his hands? LOL, that's how i feel about the division leading skins.
8-8 ?

The Eagles lost 34-13 to the Bengals this week. The Dallas game is at home.

We lose these games after overcoming all these injuries and it's a real disappointment.
I didn't say we would I just said the worst we finish is that
Looks like we won't finish worse than 8-8 this season
To me, that makes this season a huge success.

I always said that 8-8 would be a huge mark of progress for a team with a rookie QB.

This is amazing!!
At 8-6 expectations have changed. NFC East is mediocre and how does a defending division champion lose 34-0 as the Giants did today?

10-6 is the new bar folks. anything less will be a missed opportunity.
Would you accept 9-7 and a division title?
Would you accept 9-7 and a division title?

Yeah, because if the Redskins beat the Eagles, Dallas loses today and next week and the Giants lose next week we will lock up the division title...

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