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Official 2012 Washington Redskins Training Camp Man-Crush Thread

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Sep 28, 2010
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It may be a little early for this, but post your current (or update it if it changes) Man-Crush for the 2012 Training Camp and Preseason.

It probably goes without saying, but he cannot be a wiley veteran. IOW, Garcon doesn't qualify.

For the sake of definition, let's just say, in order to qualify as Man-Crush, he has to be eligible for the Practice Squad.

I got Alfred Morris in my corner. :dance:
Well, I will also claim Alfred Morris since my man-crush dates back to early May. :D

Yeah well, as soon as he was drafted I started watching clips of him and had a crush thinking he reminds me of Ray Rice. :thumbsup:

In the backfield we currently have, I am coming to terms that Royster will likely be the odd man out if Hightower is indeed 100% by the start of the season. Not saying he won't be, but one never knows.
Jarvis Jenkins... He looked like he could be a game changer last year in camp and preseason until he got injured. Can't wait to see what he's like once back in football shape.
wonder how players who read threads like this react?

just sayin...ya know.
wonder how players who read threads like this react?

just sayin...ya know.

I would think the players mentioned would find it positively reinforcing as far as maintaining their effort at a high level.

Kinda like having cheerleaders.
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I have expressed my thoughts on Alfred Morris, like Lanky I think he is going to turn some heads. I really believe that if he blocks as well as has been reported he finds a way on this team.

However, I think Lance Lewis is going to be the big surprise here. We brought in a lot of receivers over the past couple of years and players like Anthony Armstrong and Terrance Austin are talented, but don't seem like real threats. Armstrong showed glimpses but he disappeared last year.

I think after seeing the clips of Lewis embarrassing Stephon Gilmore and from what my ECU alum friend tells me, he could push for a roster spot.
Chase Minnifield has been shut down and that means the team has long term plans for him. I'm happy - being a UVA alum has everything to do with it. :)

Hoping for great things from Tom Compton. I think he will prove to be a huge steal in the 6th round.
Chase Minnifield has been shut down and that means the team has long term plans for him. I'm happy - being a UVA alum has everything to do with it. :)

Where did you see this? The only thing I've found is a report that he's going to start the season on the PUP list, not that he has been shut down.
Interesting development. Many of us had him being a long term answer to at least Nickel Back provided his knee was healthy. Looks like the progress is not as far along as we'd hoped.
My attention now goes to the offensive line and our #5 pick Adam Gettis. His Iowa coaching staff is known for developing OL with good technique and Gettis at 6'2 and 293 seems ideally suited for the ZBS here in DC.

With the return from injury by Lichtensteiger it is never guaranteed there won't be a set back or a slower than expected rehab to 100%.

If Gettis can show enough in camp hopefully that should answer some of the depth questions up front and provide the team with a future starter.
Not saying I have a man-crush on this kid yet, but he was the most impressive young WR out there yesterday, other than the vets.

Darius Hanks was the hardest working, he ran the sharpest routes, cuts were sharp and he had solid hands...not dropping a single pass that I recall. Lance Lewis looked good but this kid looked better than Austin, Lewis, Armstrong, Hernandez, or Kirkland. I gotta say he impressed me more than Leonard Hankerson.

I know Hank is going to make the team, but he just looked out of it on the field yesterday.

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