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"Norm!" (The Welcome Thread)

Joining here again? How many times have you joined BGO?

It's like something that is new and improved. WTF! If it's new, what is it an improvement over?

uhhh, not sure what you are saying here. I was just happy to see a bunch of new members that I recognized from the other site I used to frequent. (old friends who are now new BGO friends?)
You said you love seeing old/new friends joining here AGAIN. How many times do they have to join? How many times did you join?

Don't worry, I'm just commenting on how I read it.
Well I perhaps should have come here first :D

I put a bit about myself in another thread and in my profile, but let me formally introduce myself.

Hi everyone! I'm Knightingale (aka Jon)

I'm a long time fan of the Washington Redskins who is living in Birmingham in the UK.

Quick repeat of the blurb from the other thread.

I've been a fan since 1984 when I picked the Washington Redskins because of their uniform colours. It was Superbowl XVIII and I could go with either the black and silver of the Raiders or the Burgundy and Gold of the Redskins. Red has always been my fave colour so the choice was easy.

I was 13 years old and this was my first exposure to the sport, but I loved it. I didn't understand what the hell was going on yet, but I loved it. It was so much more exciting than our crappy soccer and cricket. At the same time I started to follow the NBA too (Chicago Bulls fan, the Red theme again!).

Initially my team choices seemed bad, the Skins lost that game, but I never wavered in my support. I've always been a 'stick with em' kinda guy. The 90's were a glorious time. The Bulls were winning with MJ on the court and the Redskins were winning with... well with a variety of players under Joe Gibbs. It was a good time. While I followed both sports it was definitely Football that had the upper hand in my affections.

Then came the 2000's and the swing in fortune. The Redskins were just universally bad. I'm ashamed to admit that I started to follow the NBA much more closely than the NFL. But even through it all I still followed the Redskins. They were still my team, it was just there was little to get excited about. Then Lebron James came to the NBA and sparked my interest.
Every NFL season was just pretty painful. It was sad to watch my team be so bad all the time. There was just nothing to get excited about really. Anytime my hopes got raised they were dashed again. Sean Taylor, Donovan McNabb, Joe Gibbs... All the great things that either ended too soon or never really played out as we hoped.

Then for some reason 2011 came around. The season was a disaster but the hype around the draft dragged me in. Luck or Griffin? Who would it be? Either way it looked like FINALLY we might have that franchise QB that we'd been searching for really since the Theismann days. I mean we'd won with Williams and Rypien, but what we really needed was our very own Brady or Rodgers. And these prospects looked GOOD.
I didn't really care who we got, just that we got one.

RGIII's first game lit the fires that had been smouldering for so long. Even through the rough patch before the winning streak I was back on the NFL full time. This team could ignite at any point I was convinced of it.
The 2012 season was one of epic highs and a crashing low at the end. RGIII may be done here, but he is the man responsible for igniting my NFL passion once again.

From there I started to trawl the internet looking for Redskins news and information. I started listening to the SkinsCast podcast and ate up every episode (and getting frustrated when there wasn't one!).

On there I heard an advert for BGO. :)

A place for respectful and friendly discussion about the Washington Redskins?! AWESOME! I needed to be there. There's too much hate on the internet and I wanted a place away from that. So I came looking and here you guys and gals are. :D
I've lurked for a while and watched what you guys talk about and it just seemed like a great place to chat and talk about the games and the news. So I finally broke my silence and posted. You guys have been awesome welcoming me and I look forward to being here a long time and chatting with you about all things Redskins.

In August this year I married my partner. It was a brilliant day. I couldn't be luckier... apart from the fact that she's a Green Bay Packers fan.


(The above picture was our Wedding day! LOL We didn't actually get married in the shirts, but changed into them for the reception!)

She embraced the sport because of me, and picked the team because she likes the colour Green. LOL
It makes for some interesting times.

(She has even started writing a blog about her new love of the NFL and the Packers from a female perspective and someone who is just learning about the game. If you're interested - Facebook page: Packers Princess Facebook and her blog: Packers Princess Blog/ - Its fun to see her getting to grips with a sport I love).

Other notes about me: HUGE movie buff. Bit of a gamer. I write fiction as a hobby. Dabble in art (though I'm rubbish at it!) Love Formula 1. Huge comic book nerd! Work as an IT consultant. Spend far too much money on Redskins gear!

Anyhow. Thank you for having me here, feel free to chat if you see me on. :D

Now how do I make a Blog??
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welcome aboard, bro. It's always cool to see people from outside the US who embrace the Skins culture and the NFL in general.
Any member can start their own blog here - I will get you some instructions this evening... BTW? We have a live game chat during every game here - you would really enjoy it and are welcome to join in. Glad you found us!

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Ooooooo Live Game Chat?

How does that work?

I often chat to my brother and friends on Skype and FB Messenger groups (typing not speaking if you know what I mean!)
It would be awesome to have a group of Redskin specific friends to talk to during games.

We have Gamepass here so we watch through that as long as it's not on a blackout. There are days (like this past sunday) where because of the time difference we have to watch it on delay. But yeah if I'm watching live I'd LOVE to be part of the chat. :D

How does it work?

By the way.... if you want me on Skype my username is: Knightingale-71

I have it on all the time so you're pretty much guarantee'd to get me and I'm always happy to talk. :D
I wish I'd gotten on here early enough to be in your Fantasy League too.

I'm doing the NFL one with some friends and REALLY enjoying it! Next year count me in! :D
Wow! An oldie but a goodie.

We need a ‘Where Are They Now’ thread. Hopefully with the pending change some will return. 🤞
Hello all!

Been a fan since I was born essentially haha.

In between teaching jobs right now, but am a teacher by trade. Hopefully, can get this social studies job at this high school in Winston-Salem just applied for. Also, a lover of anything beer. Good beer, not piss water like Bud or Miller(Apologies if someone on here loves those).

Favorite ever player is Chris Samuels and proud to have served in the USCG when I was younger.

Thank you.
Thanks for your service. We have a number of vets here. Myself and Neophyte are home brewers here, so lots to talk about. Glad you found us and sorry about the registration issues!
i am a 60 year old who has been pulling for washington since 1972 when i watched george allen,s redskins lose to the dolphins with my dad and brother.i look forward to posting and sharing the good and bad times with everybody here at b and g.
i am a 60 year old who has been pulling for washington since 1972 when i watched george allen,s redskins lose to the dolphins with my dad and brother.i look forward to posting and sharing the good and bad times with everybody here at b and g.
Welcome to the board!
Welcome aboard brother. Good to see another fellow traveler who remembers Verlon Biggs, Myron Pottios and Ted Vactor.
Glad to have you here :cheers:
Hi my name is Sebastien and my favorite team is the Commanders. My favorite player is Terry Mclaurin. My dad is Canadian Hog. I was born right before the Redskins played the Eagles in there first game of the 2013 season. My middle name is Robert and my dad named me after Robert Griffin the third. I have lots of Redskins stuff in my room like two redskins helmets and a Sean Taylor jersey. I like watching the bgo podcasts sometimes. I really want the Commanders to have a good season and win at least 12 games. Talk to you guys soon.

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