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Nfl preseason unsolved msysteries


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Jul 16, 2009
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8. Redskins offense
Is Jason Campbell ready for primetime? Does he have enough at receiver? Are the second-year targets going to step up?

Now the Washington offensive line has kept Jason Campbell totally clean in the preseason, not allowing him to be sacked. But do you really trust the right side when the games count? I don't.

But what about Washington's ability to give Campbell balance? And the run blocking has been spotty. I'm not convinced Clinton Portis is still an elite back. That remains the most underrated mystery in Washington as we get ready for the season
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I too wonder how much gas Portis has left in the tank--I think he's got a year or two left max. He's been in the league a long time and punishes his body when he plays--that doesn't bode well for career longevity.
Well, if they'd just start the friggin' season, I guess we could stop wondering
I think just like last season, Clinton's season-long effectiveness will be decided by whether or not the Redskins can get the passing game going. In all the years he's been here, CP has rammed his head into defenses stacked to stop him. I would love to see what he could do over the course of a season, and the playoffs, against teams having to play his offense honest. I think he'd prove himself "elite" by any reasonable standard.
I too think Portis has plenty left but only if he can get away from 8 and 9 man fronts from the defense. Everyone points to the back he was in Denver and wonders why he can't be that back here without ever really adding that Denver had a real passing game while Washington has pretty much lacked that. I want to see defenses worried about someone not named Moss or Cooley before we really start wondering about CP.
This got me thinking about Portis' first carry as a Redskin, which made me go look for the video. He seemed to be much smaller than he did now. And I was going to say that I thought that Gibbs' regime wore him down so much, but Portis still gives it his all every game.

But through the course of looking for that video, I got caught up watching Sean Taylor highlights and tributes. And now I'm just sad.

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