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NFL Pickem Results: Week 14


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Sorry for the delay in getting this week's results posted - Real Life impedes sometimes :)

Week 14 of the BGO NFL Pickem Contest was tougher sledding than usual for most.

This week's leaders included brett4444 and MissU28 leading the way at 14-2, followed by a logjam at 13-3 including Slacky, Boone, Lanky Livingston, China, and servumtuum.

For the year and overall contest leaders, we've got a dead heat with brett4444 and Neophyte with at an astounding 147-61 record. Hot on their trail are servumtuum at 146-62, China at 144-64, MisterPinstripe at 143-65, and RobinTom and Jimbo tied at 142-66.

Click HERE to view all Week 14 results.

Click HERE for total season standings after Week 14.
Good for you MissU. :clap2: However, I think all Skins fans were winners this week. :sunny: :beam:

Now, if Serv, Brett, Neo and about 6 or 8 other "problem children" would just conveniently forget to make their picks for the next two or three weeks, perhaps some of the rest of us might have a shot at this thing. :cool4:
Off to a bad start. My upset pick of the Jaguars over the Colts didn't work out. Close but no cigar.
Dang...I just don't see myself making up 6 games. Gonna be rough.
Dang...I just don't see myself making up 6 games. Gonna be rough.

You never know. Two weeks ago I had a 5 game lead on the nearest guy and today I am tied with someone who wasn't even that close. Lots can happen in 3 weeks.
Helluva week so far all around-Jimbo's in the lead at 10-4 I'm tied with a bunch of other people at 9-5. It's getting bloody.
I came so close to picking a number of upsets, only to come out on the losing end with minutes to go. Damn!
And as I type this the Panthers are leading the Vikes 26-7 with 2 minutes left.

I think I'll step outside and see if there's an asteroid headed this way.:dizzy2:
Haha! I knew that my only chance of making this season respectable a few weeks ago was to start choosing a lot of upsets. Wow! this week was poor! Really poor. :dunce2:
Get this-I just checked how everyone's doing in the Pickem so far-if we beat the Giants tonight, the DC PC computer will have the best record for the week (sorry Jimbo).

That's just too cool. :)

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