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New Skinscast Feature - The Best of Warpath




The Best of Warpath ? Hopes and dreams on a mid-summer?s night « Skinscast Podcast


We are starting a new feature here at Skinscast. We've received approval to give our readers a sample of the great articles found in Warpath Magazine. Every edition, we will run one article for your enjoyment. If you like what you read (and we are convinced you will), we encourage you to consider a subscription.

Hopes and dreams on a mid-summer's night

by John Pappas

The human knee is a wonder of design. Probably not the most compelling body part, but darn important to anyone walking upright. You may think about your own from time-to-time, but you hardly lose sleep worrying about knees belonging to other people. That is, unless you root for quarterback Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins.

Griffin famously blew out his knee in last season’s playoff game against Seattle at FedEx Field. It wasn’t pretty. It was one of those injuries they warn you about before the replay. When Griffin went down, his knee moved in ways not intended. The resulting gasp from Redskins Nation registered on the Richter scale.

Griffin is the future of Washington. He is also the present. All hopes are on him. There is arguably no player more beloved in the NFL by their fans. Not to say the fans were long in the wilderness before Griffin. But when he arrived; it kind of felt we had been.

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This article appeared originally in Volume 23, Issue 9 of Warpath Magazine, August, 2013. Posted Courtesy of Warpath Magazine - Copyright 2013

You may subscribe to Warpath Here. or by calling 1-800-932-4557

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