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My Thoughts on the Zorn /Vinny Soap Opera

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Jul 15, 2009
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I normally don't post my blog entries here since BGO was kind enough to do so in the Redskins Blog forum.

But I thought I'd share my opinion on the Zorn/Vinny (FO) hubub with the media.

Let the Zorn/Vinny Soap Opera begin:
There has been a regular subtle back and forth between Zorn and the FO since the demotion. Totally understandable. But it has gotten to the point where there seems to be a general daily back and forth between the two. "This didn't happen. Yes it did." "Vote of confidence, I'm not aware of it". Then you throw in the Steve Largent comments and it looks like the Skins are trying to get Zorn to quit, yet Zorn is forcing them to fire him.
It feels like a bad episode of Melrose Place or some other soap opera.
Frankly, I don't care.
Zorn will have plenty to say when he's fired at the end of the season. Snyderrato will have some type of spin about the whole situation.
Until then gentlemen, may I suggest you both getting your respective heads out of your asses and find a way to fix the current problems?
Both of you are to blame for this sinking ship......fix the damn problem.
Quit crying to the media. This is football, not some crappy reality series. You are not Jon and Kate.
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I think most Redskins fans would agree WD. And you're always free to post your entries wherever you like :)
In terms of fixing the problem, ditto to what everyone has been saying for the last decade. I am still an optomist. I believe we could have a very good DL for the next 5 to 10 years; that is a good base. Along that theme. Half the battle is won. A second positive is that where we choose in the draft there should be a dominant LT where we will pick. If L. Jones turns out to be decent we have a RT, some FA signings on the OL, not star but solid players and the draft 4-7 guard and center, could lead to good OL. We have the base set. Best player available in the 2nd round out of (LB, CB-assuming Rogers is gone, QB, RB) might fill another need.

I expect the next year (2011) we will be picking fairly high in the draft. Again, with good solid FA signings, (not star except at QB) we could be competitive againg by the 2011 season and after that have a chance to be the playoff team.

Caveat: see ditto
Walking Deadman said:
Even though Zorn has said the new system should run smoothly, I expect to see our 1st half timeouts used up by the middle of the 1st quarter. I also expect at least three delay of game penalties and a frustrated Jason Campbell. Part of me wants to see Campbell just go off and start running the no huddle with him calling about a dozen plays Sonny Jurgensen style. I think Campbell would get some respect from his detractors if he did this as a **** you to the current situation.

While I don't expect him to just take over and call all of his own plays, I did see an interview with Campbell where he said he will keep a few plays ready in case things didn't get to him on time or there was some confusion. We'll see how it plays out.

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