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It's Here! It's Here! It's Here!


Finally! The start of the sesaon is here! Only 15 games left though. Too bad football season isn't like the NBA or basesball

But hey, my pig is roasting, even during the rain last night. The beer is in the man fridge, the munchies are ready

It's HERE!:clap2::thewave::djsmilie::chug3:
Damn, Sarge-I mean you could show at least a little interest and enthusiasm. :laugh:

AMEN, bro'! It's been too long. Let's play some football! :clap2:
Pig timing is about an hour off. Looks like 2pm or there abouts. Maybe halftime:)

Been spinnin' since midnight

Is it 1 o'clock yet?
I've tried hard to temper my enthusiasm but I just can't. :chug3:

I'm so excited!!! I was just outside taking a walk and kept seeing planes flying over with banners - the tailgating at Everbank Field (Jags stadium) is underway!!!
Good luck, my Redskins counterparts, on a Cowbloke beatdown and opening weekend celebrating!

Ya man, got a brisket coated in a nice dry rub since yesterday afternoon which will go on the grill in about an hour. Low and slow today.

Wasn't sure on a BOC today, so we have Warsteiner, Red Stripe, and Bass Ale all iced down nicely.

Gotta go out and mow the lawn now, which will keep my mind off the game for a little bit, but for those who have little to do this morning, GET FIRED UP !
Hell yeah...IT'S FINALLY GAME DAY!!!!

Let the yelling at the TV because of my fantasy football team commence.
There was a lot to love about the JKC days. Lets hope today is the beginning of a run to glory once again.

I'm really hoping that it is .... I was really excited to read about some of the Dallas Week festivities that took place this week. It's nice to see / read that Washington seems to be excited and amped up again. I saw a picture somewhere on the net of the Skins walking off the practice field to the office staff at Redskins Park giving the team an ovation. I'm hoping that the energy and enthusiasm last past tonight. I'm hoping that Allen and Shanny prove to be exactly what we need.
I'm so nervous....no idea what we're gonna see. THIS is so freaking great!

Oh, and an aside....I happen to have the Raider game on at the moment.....Campbell just thru a ball deep - behind and up - made the receiver jump high across the middle. Just high and behind enough that he could only use one hand and the pass fell incomplete. The receiver was wide open slashing across the middle. One play later, JC scrambles and looks like he can make the first down...but then slides (must be trying it out for a change) instead of diving and as a result, comes up a yard short of the first. He's had balls tipped on screen passes (he had to bat the ball down to avoid an interception) and he's lost a fumble by getting hit from behind (unaware as always - held the ball too long).

Now I realize that he may get a lot of yards as the game goes on......but he sure is showing all the attributes that made me happy to see him go. He's the Raider's problem now. Phew!
Headed to the Stadium with camera in Hand! Woohoo!
Jambalaya finishing on the stove, nursing a Fosters...a.m. bike ride in the bag,peeking at the Giants/Carolina game while I cook - can't wait for tonight. And nice to have some kindred spirits on the interwebz to enjoy it with :cheers:
I don't know how long I'll be stickin' to enjoy it. Alarm goes off at 0330. Hence the early pig roast.

Enjoy down there El
Started the day kayaking on the Potomac with eagles. Small "e."

Enjoyed Yeunling drafts looking out over the water.

Watching the Pack do a number on the Eagles. Capital "E." Figuring they can't really complete a 17-point comeback. Right?

Getting ready to watch Mike Shanahan and Donovan McNabb take the field wearing burgundy and gold to face the Dallas Cowboys on opening night at FedEx.

Realizing yet again how lucky I am to be alive.
No. I don't believe THESE Eagles can. We'll see with 4:38 to go. Cool day it sounds like. About to get better :)
No. I don't believe THESE Eagles can. We'll see with 4:38 to go. Cool day it sounds like. About to get better :)

Gonna go ahead and call it, you are correct!

I know, under 2 to go, stopped on 4th down, not much of a "call", but hey, the Eagles lose, we're gonna beat the Boys, had myself a couple of Summer Wheat Ales by Sam Adams, life's good...
30 minutes to go. Just downed a generous helping of Wings. Eagles comeback just thwarted on 4th and short. All is well with in the universe.
Wow. The offensive genius Andy Reid has the most athletic running quarterback in NFL history behind center on 4th and 1, calls for him to run, but has him run right into traffic in the middle of the line. You HAVE to run him outside...there's not a defender on the planet who can stay with Vick in space with only 1 yard to gain.

Way to go Andy.

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