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Apr 11, 2009
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Just wanted to share a post made by a Baylor fan about our next quarterback. If you ever wanted a testimonial to the fact that we're about to make the best decision in 20 years as a franchise, this is it...


And we truly appreciate the invite. And you make me feel better, as I worried your town and your team didn't really understand how great this young man is, as a person and as a great athlete.

I never missed any of his games at home, even though I lived in a distant city, 3 hrs away. I drove up and back each game, sometimes did stay in a hotel.

I knew, he was one that comes along once in a lifetime, and I wasn't going to miss one of his games. I knew he was special when he ran his first TD in Waco. He hit the hole on an inside scramble and the rest of both teams looked to be in slow motion. I slapped hands with everyone around, and stated that Baylor finally had another great QB. But, his personality, his morality, his ethics, his love of people, fans, coaches and teamates, and his leadership ability, all add up to who he is.

You Redskins are getting the steal of a lifetime. Don't let the jealous haters distract from these truths about RGIII.

Protect him, defend him, and be patient with him. He will eventually take you to the promised land.

Thanks for coming to our site.


I love reading those forums. It's hilarious how this is causing problems among cowboy fans.

Also, good work to you and others who have put in the effort to spread the word to RG3/Baylor fans and to try to bring them into the conversations here!

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