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How Protective Are Good Samaritan Laws?


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Apr 1, 2011
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I ask for a reason, of course.

I went up to the store to buy dog food. On the way back, I'm driving across the shopping center parking lot and see a truck pull in with smoke and flames pouring from the engine. The driver throws it in park, then frantically runs out screaming for help, and everything from about waist down is engulfed in flames.

Naturally, he's freaking out and completely forgetting stop drop and roll, as I'm trying to chase him down yelling at him to get on the ground. He's in an immense state of panic, and apparently isn't hearing me, so I tackle him to the ground and help him get his pants off, and he puts out the fire on the bottom of his shirt.

Somehow, it doesn't appear that any of his skin actually got burned. Maybe 1st degree at the most if any did, so I felt I saved him from severe burns, possibly death. You'd think someone in that situation would be thankful. Nope, not this asshole. He sat there for about 5 minutes until the EMTs and Fire Department arrived, bitching at me for hurting his elbow when I tackled him. WTF?

So I was worried this jerkoff might try to claim I injured him and attempt to sue me, so I waited for police to arrive and signed a sworn statement of the events. I told the officer that the guy was raising hell like he might try to sue me for hurting his elbow, and the officer only responded by saying I shouldn't worry about that. But I am worried about it. People are ****ed up, as this guy proved. I've helped people many times in many weird/dangerous/stupid/unlucky situations before, and they were always very grateful, so this is a first for me.

I know there are Good Samaritan laws, but I also know it seems these days that nothing is really set in stone. Should I be worried about this turd, or does he have nothing?

As for the truck, it was a total loss. After the way the guy acted from me helping his dumb ass, I have to admit it was a little gratifying :)
I'd be more worried that he'd sue you for this humiliated exposure to the public, and place in the "out of context thread" for this.....:)
:doh1: I must admit, that is probably the best taken out of context post I have ever witnessed lol.
You could easily have taken care of this by telling him 'if I hear one more complaint from you, I'm calling every local news station to tell them about the guy in flames whose life I tried to save who is now complaining I 'hurt his elbow'.' That would have taken care of it I believe.

I'm sure you are covered by Good Samaritan laws and no court in America would find in his favor if he were stupid enough to take you to court.

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