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Help In Quitting Smoking Immediately


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Mar 30, 2010
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I just found this incredibly helpful, and thought I would pass on any advice that might help someone else to quit smoking too.

I've tried just about everything, but this one sentence really put it all into perspective for me. From the tobacco-free Florida website:

On average, smokers die 13 to 14 years earlier than non-smokers.


That's a big number. Two to three years? Sure. Five to seven years? Okay. I could believe it. But 13 to 14 years ended it for me. And I hope it can assist somebody else to kick the habit.
That's a crazy number. One, that if put directly onto packs, or highlighted in commercials, I believe would drop smoking nationally by 10% in thirty days.

It did it for me.
My Mom died in her 60's of lung cancer. She never got to see my children grow up. That breaks my heart every day.
I'm sorry to hear that Boone. That's the exact reason why I posted this.
disease that is smoking-induced, i can easily see chopping 13-14 years off

Fear, make no mistake. I just called the 24 hour state of Fla hotline, as you can too.

The figure quoted above doesn't refer to those who have lung cancer, versus those who don't.

That's an average number. That includes those who never get sick. For those that do...it's much more than 13-14 years.

The average....is 13 to 14 years. That is what shocked me so much. And according to the state of Fla, this specific piece of info has been fought by the tobacco industry for the last nine years. They just now, have been able to release it.

Crazy. I hope it helps out someone else here....or a spouse, friend or family member of a member here, as it has me.
I just bought one of them E cigarettes about a week ago. I always thought they were some gimmick. You get the nicotine but no tar and they taste better than what i was smoking. A pack of 5 nicotine cartridges, which equal a carton, only costs $10 compared to $30 for a regular carton(cheap off brand). I wish i would have done this years ago.

I definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to smoke without the lung damage or quit all together.
A couple friends are using those E-ciggs too, and are happy with them also.
I tried the e cigs for a while. Then two problems made me stop.

1. Nicotine does almost as much damage to your body as the smoke itself. In fact, the inflammation that Nicotine has been proven to cause is more likely the culprit of lung cancer than the smoke itself, considering all the reports suggesting that smoking other things (drugs, herbs, etc.) does not cause lung damage.

2. A guy on the news almost got killed by one when it exploded in his mouth, knocking out teeth and rupturing his esophagus.
I tried to give up smoking 4 or 5 times, but it wasn't until I REALLY wanted to give up that I was successful. Once I knew it was time, I just gave up cold turkey. I've had one or two ciggies since, and realised why I was no longer a smoker.

It has been almost 2 years, and I don't even have the urge for a smoke any more.
I smoked heavily for a looong time, probably averaged 2 packs a day. One day I was just sick and tired of it and made the decision to finally quit. Really quit.

5 days on the patch, two days on the gum, done.

It's been about 13 years now as a non-smoker. (Well except for one cigarette that involved Vegas, tequila, and a strip club.)

If I can do it anyone can.
I got up to 2 packs a day as well at one point. I can't believe I used to smoke that much!

If anything would help me quit these days, its the cost. Ciggs are like $5-6 a pack here! They were $1.50 when I was smoking. That's a TON of money to pay to slowly kill yourself. Ha!
I started smoking at 14. Smoked for around 25yrs. When I quit, more than 10yrs ago, I was smoking 4 packs a day. Throw in smoking pot practically every evening after work, and all weekend from age 15 to my early 40's, and you might say, I was a smoker.

After growing tired of having drug addicts and alcoholics, both family and friends, throw my smoking addiction at me when I would try and help them straighten out their lives, I decided to disarm them of that particular weapon.

Cold turkey. No patch, no pills, etc...

Gave up the pot, reluctantly, shortly thereafter, to prove to myself that i could. I did so love a good pot high. I do try to practice what I preach.

Anywho, as is with most addictions, 95% of the problem is between the ears. Lots of people say they really want to quit, but most are just trying to convince themselves they do. If you truly want to quit, you can. Half assin' it won't get it done.

Listen to Bo. Just do it.
Yeah...3 packs of Newports a day for a long time had it's effect on me. I was tired of coughing up half a lung every morning. Like Ax, I quit cold turkey when I was ready. To be honest, I didn't really want to quit. I just couldn't run up and down the soccer field anymore and the only thing you need to be successful in an over 35 men's league is the little bit of talent you may have had as a younger person playing and stamina.
3 packs a day? 4 packs a day? Wow...when I was smoking 2 packs a day, it felt like I was literally always smoking. I can't imagine 3 or 4 packs a day...although some nights of heavy drinking I probably did 3 or more.
18-20 hour days gives lots of time for smoking. Driving was the worst. Had a few days, when I was doing double, or three 120 mile trips a day, I'd be on my 5th pack before going to sleep. Crazy.

Funny thing though, about a year ago, I'm driving down the road, just finished my last swig of coffee, and reached for a cigarette. Hadn't smoked in over ten years, but had a reflex and reached into my shirt pocket for one.

"Ha ha! You ****ing asshole!" is what I said to myself, out loud.

Also, I forgot to add in my original post, that I quit while living with someone who smoked, and still does.
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When I was doing a lot of driving was when it was the worst for me...3 packs a day. I would light one up with the one I was just about done smoking. I tried smoking 100's so they'd last longer but ended up smoking 3 packs of 100's. :laugh:

Overall most of my smoking career was about 1 and a half packs a day. But I would go through periods where 3 packs a day was normal for me, then cut back for a while and it would eventually lead up to 3 a day again. It depended a lot on how much I was working.

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