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Greetings from Scotland


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Mar 12, 2012
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New to this forum but not to supporting my beloved Redkins.

Been a fan since the UK got regular coverage back in 1982.

Back then I thought it was in the Rules to get to Superbowl every year (how wrong was I :( )

Anyway a good friend has badgered me to sign up for here, you know who you are.

Will not proclaim to be ultra knowldigible and know every nuiance or technicality but I am a fan from afar.

Apart from Whisky, Short bread in pretty tins and stunning scenery Scotland gave us Graham Gano, ok maybe not a great example.

I look forward to learning more and possibly contributing too
Welcome! Great to have you aboard. And abroad, come to think of it. Please feel free to contribute, and to do so often.

Again, welcome!
Welcome, Dave. Don't sell yourself short on football and Redskin knowledge.

You will be a welcome addition and bring a great perspective. I will admit I have learned a lot from our converstations over the past several years.
Good to see more Scotts on the board! Pass the Balvinie!
Welcome brother. The best tip I can give you?

<--------Avoid this arsehole at all costs :D
Welcome aboard!
Good to see more Scotts on the board! Pass the Balvinie!

Can i pass on the Blavine, I am allergic to Whiskey (hides head in shame)

But I will open a bottle of IrnBru and share some Tunnocks tea cakes and Lees Maccaroon bars with you gladly
Glad to have you aboard brother - welcome! :cheers:
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Welcome aboard. It's great to have you here as a member of the family. :)
Is this you?


I kid. Welcome, friend. Glad to have you, and hail to OUR Redskins!!

Slips into the local dialect

yer kiddin me right, it's no even a real kilt man.

Nope not me or a relation, but hanks for the wellcome.
Welcome from Florida, land of the newly wed, and nearly dead....
Hello, welcome, if there is something you want to share the Redskins

I as you can see I am a collector of pictures of the redskins,

and I like to Exchange,


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