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Goodell Fears Player Dying on Field

Goodell is so full of ****...trying to save face for all his blunders. Seriously doubt he's sincere with anything he does.
Obviously going to an 18 game schedule will further reduce the chance of this happening.

Right? My biggest issue with Goodell and the owners is their hypocrisy. I'm not even sure what good it does to come out and make this statement? Yeah, I think we are all in agreement that would pretty much suck. Are you using this as a way to slowly enact some changes that will reduce the violence of the game? At that point, in my opinion, just come out and tell the fans what you want to do. If you want to fundmantally change the game, man up and tell us. Stop trying to slowly implement more safety rules, and then also suggest 18 games a season would be a good thing.

Whatever. Goodell is an asshat. A pack of monkeys would be better for the league at this point.
He is borrowing tactics from the good ol' media; throw out a shocking statement about an NFL player dying on the field to further his player-safety agenda, but even moreso to enhance his own image. "I'm Roger Goodell, I have the league's best interests in mind! I don't want to see somebody die!"
He is borrowing tactics from the good ol' media; throw out a shocking statement about an NFL player dying on the field to further his player-safety agenda, but even moreso to enhance his own image. "I'm Roger Goodell, I have the league's best interests in mind! I don't want to see somebody die!"

And to distance himself from lawsuits...
I actually support the 18 game season, but that's for my own selfish reasons as a season ticket holder. I'd prefer 9 of the 10 games I pay for be regular season games, instead of the 8 it currently is.

As far as player safety - I maintain that if they want play safety then all they need to do is actually enforce the fundamentals via penalties.

You tackle with your arms down? Unnecessary roughness, 15 yards. You can't tackle with your arms down, you can turn yourself into a human battering ram though.

You tackle with your head down? Unnecessary roughness, 15 yards. If you can't see what you're hitting then you're not tackling correctly. You're lowering your head to make the hit harder.

Not leaving your feet is already a rule I believe?

Make these guys play football, the way it's taught when you're 8 years old. Fundamental tackling. Watch how London Fletcher tackles - head up, arms out. He sees what he hits. He doesn't get hurt, he doesn't miss tackles, yet he's making hard hits all the time.

The same can go for running backs, the way they lower their heads is dangerous.

I support the 'defenseless receiver' rule, but I don't think it's being enforced correctly. It seems very... selective. It seemed to also disappear as a rule when the playoffs came around.
yeah but leaving your feat also allows a 5'11" defender to hit a 6'4" receiver in the head, which is the problem with it.
Interesting and sober read here. I had no idea this had happened:

Roger Goodell and I have the same nightmare. In it, an NFL player is killed during a game.

Unlike the Commish, who was revealed to have this fear (the NFL and Goodell both disputed the assertion) in a recent profile in ESPN The Magazine, there is nothing figurative about my bad dream. It attacks my sleep periodically, usually in the summer rather than during football season, as if my subconscious is reminding me just how much the NFL means to me.

The doomed player in my nightmare isn't one of my beloved Cincinnati Bengals. He wears a generic dark jersey that could be any team's uniform. He is catching a pass, so he's probably a wide receiver, though because I can never make out his number I suppose he could be a tight end or a running back. He jumps for a high throw, and as he comes down he is blasted on either side. One defender hits him high, one defender hits him low.

And then he's literally ripped in half by the force of the hits. Right after this point, I always wake with a start, bile rising in my esophagus.

I relate this gruesome glimpse into my subconscious because I know precisely when the dreams began. It was eight years ago, when a professional player — a former NFL defensive lineman — suffered a fatal spine injury on the field.

His name was Al Lucas and he played defensive tackle for the Arena Football League's Los Angeles Avengers. He died on the hard carpet of the Staples Center eight years ago this week, on April 10, 2005. He was 26 years old. No, he wasn't torn asunder by opponents. Instead, a relatively unremarkable collision took his life. Nothing about it was unique to arena football and its roller derby–esque format. It was the kind of routine collision that happens thousands upon thousands of times at every level of the game across the country, from spring practice to summer hell week to autumn glory.

And that scared me most of all.

Agreed. And I think the parent's reaction in the article pretty accurately reflects the attitude of most people who are directly involved in football.

I do think that something like this may happen in the NFL at some point in the next few years, and the resulting media firestorm will be... impressive.
I do everything as a kid to protect my son. But you still have to let them play and just hope they learn and know what they're doing.

Goodell is an ass though. He has literally become a joke.
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Could not possibly agree with your last sentence enough. Major dip****.

I think your first sentence is interesting. I will not let my son play football, though we do let him play baseball, which also has concussion issues. As long as the families have the necessary info to make intelligent decisions, I have no problem with them assuming any risk.

RE the Riddell lawsuit, agree with Mike. If it is a cigarette issue, where they knowingly produced something that was substandard to save money or whatever, then yeah, sue them for everything you can get.
Football is definitely the obvious "concussion sport," but if you let your kid play sports (maybe other than track) they are going to possibly get concussions. Guess I'm going to get my kids interested in golf as early as possible. :)
By the time my kids (if I have boys) are old enough, I'll be surprised if they still have football in schools anymore, or pop warner, etc. But if they do, I'm really not sure how I will proceed. Definitely a tough call.
rewatching the superbowls recently, even the '91, showed me just how different the game was 20 years ago compared to today. in terms of safety it was a completely different game. every play included multiple late hits, hits to the head, or other obvious hits that would call for a penalty immediately and probably fines the following week.

makes me wonder what differences there will be for todays players when they're 40, 50, 60 years old and the ones that played 20+ years ago.
In a profile written by Don Van Natta Jr. for ESPN the Magazine, friends say Goodell has told them privately that he believes a player could die on the field if the current culture doesn't change. An unnamed member of the Hall of Fame who speaks with Goodell regularly said it's one of the commissioner's greatest fears.

That's obviously the comment on which this thread was based. Your initial posts strike me as somewhat odd. Are you a Redskins fan and if so what's with bumping all the old posts?

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