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Game Comments: QB John Beck


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Quarterback John Beck

On his performance in the final game of preseason:
“Obviously, we would have liked for it to go a little bit better. There were some throws that I don’t usually miss that were just a little off. We did have some good things happen on offense. We were able to make some plays against some pressure, which is a good thing, but then again you want to throw more balls and you want to continue more drives and you want to stay on the field longer. Looking back, the first thing that comes to my mind was that I didn’t quite get that done the way I would have liked. ”

On working with different combinations of first- and second-team players:
“It’s difficult to a point, but when you get to a certain point in the season that happens too because of injuries. At this level, you have to be able to work with everyone. Sometimes a guy shows up in the middle of the week because of an injury and you have to be able to throw balls to him. I definitely don’t want to make any excuses for throws that shouldn’t have been made.”

On the amount of pressure he received this game:
“In some of those protections, that’s just how it goes, especially some of their blitzes. We knew going into the game that they were a team that was going to pressure us. They have some blitzes where your answer is to try and buy a little time to try and get the ball out quick. You saw a couple throws tonight where you were getting hit right as you were throwing the ball; that’s just part of it.”

On if his comfort level during the game was affected by the increased pressure:
“No, not at all. Tonight I felt very comfortable. I was talking to Coach [Mike] Shanahan after the game and just telling him that there were a few throws tonight that were like a short putt; you go to putt it and it doesn’t go in and you’re surprised. I was feeling too good. I was feeling zoned in and those things usually don’t happen. I felt very zoned in when the game started and felt that I was going to have a very good game. We had some plays where we started off strong. [We] had some chuck plays; I hit Donte [Stallworth] on a chuck play where we had some things rolling. Then we hit some spots on third downs where we didn’t convert the third down. This one is going to be an interesting one to see because these past few games we’ve been rolling: the run game, pass game, everything. So this one was a little bit different. So, it’ll be a good one to go over the tape, watch and learn.”

On if he will be surprised if he is not the starter for the season opener:
“I don’t want to get into it because I don’t know how it’s all going to play out. Obviously, tonight my main goal was to go out and do my very best so that I could put myself in a position for a chance. Tonight wasn’t necessarily my best because there were some throws that, at my best, I would have made. So, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I just continue to do my best regardless and give myself a chance.”

On his interception:
“Right before that play we said that if we get pressure here, we actually changed the play to take a shot. I haven’t seen it yet, but looking back, my first thought was that I was falling back and that you have to kind of overcompensate a little bit. Actually, when I threw the ball, I thought it was going to be okay. I had no idea that it had been intercepted until I was on the sideline and saw they spotted the ball at the 20 because I got hit. I didn’t see the final play. I was telling Kory Lichtensteiger at the end that if I put even three more feet on that ball, even if it’s incomplete, we kick a field goal there and now the game doesn’t even come down to it. Ultimately, there are sometimes in football where you have to take a chance. When you take a chance and it ends up being a negative and you don’t get three points out of it, those are the ones that could change a game.”

On how he feels about his preseason performance:
“I feel like there have been times where things have gone really well and we’ve driven the ball really well on offense and I’ve clicked with my guys. And there have been some learning experiences. I feel good. I would have liked for it to end on a higher note tonight because I felt going into the game that I was very zoned it. We had some throws tonight where we were in tight coverage, but we still made it. There were some good things tonight, but collectively you want to score more points and the quarterback has to be the one to make that pass on third downs, so those are the things I would have liked to have been a bit different.”

On if he proved he can be a starter:
“I will always believe that I can be a starter in this league. In the quarterback position, there are going to be ups and downs and plays that aren’t going to go the way you think they should, but that’s part of the quarterback position. I’ve just tried to continue through that and just give myself a chance. What’s going to happen, I don’t know because I’m not the one making the decision. I’m just going to continue to do my best and show that I believe I can do the job. It’s kind of a tough spot because you just don’t know.”

On the play where he and Ryan Torain appeared to run into each other:
“It’s hard to say, because after I hand the ball off, my quarterback coach doesn’t want me to watch the run. He wants me to continue out like I’m faking it, so I don’t watch the run. That play was a protection issue where Ryan [Torain] has a couple guys in protection that he has to get to. Sometimes it just plays out where he’s trying to come around me and I’m trying to go by him and unfortunately it looked like we both just ran into each other, but that’s not the case. I’m trying to get around him and he’s trying to get around me so he can make a block and I can get some extra time to throw downfield.”

On if the miscommunication with Torain was because of Torain’s injury-related absence:
“It’s a possibility. He came to me right after the series on the sideline and said it was on him for trying to get around me, but sometimes that happens because the defense is going to show one guy and bring another, and [Torain] has both of those guys in protection. He’s got a tough job.”

On if Coach Shanahan gave him any feedback after the game:
“No. It was just him going over that the ones that you think are going to be the easy ones that you end up missing; those ones suck to have happen.”

On if he thinks Coach Shanahan will have a decision on the starter by Wednesday:
“I’m sure he’ll make a decision, but Coach Shanahan doesn’t want to lose any competitive advantage. So for him, he might keep it hush-hush so the Giants don’t know, because that would be an advantage for us going into the game.”

(Courtesy of the Washington Redskins)

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