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FOX Sports:LeBron the next Jordan? How about Wilt?


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Feb 1, 2010
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I know this is a football forum, but I thought this was an EXCELLENT article on LeBron:

For years, the world has called LeBron James many things: The Chosen One. The King. The next Michael Jordan. A glorious hybrid of His Airness and Magic.

But about 80 minutes before the Heat beat the 76ers 99-90 in an uninspired effort Friday, young King James said something that conjured a wholly different, less-flattering and increasingly possible comparison:

That James, with his transcendent talent and unique inability to give his team what it needs, actually could become the next Wilt Chamberlain.

All this struck home with Philadelphia in town, with its 3-12 record (before Friday’s loss) and the ghost of Chamberlain, its Chosen One, haunting what it once was and what it is today.

And then that quote, the one that followed the question about whether LeBron and Dwyane Wade need to change their games.

“No, I can’t change my game dramatically and I don’t think he can either,” LeBron said. “It doesn’t make any sense to do that. I’m not going to.” He paused. “I’d just be a role player at that point.”

Oh, LeBron.

Lebron James was supposed to save the NBA. He is indicative of everything that is wrong with the NBA. Super talented, overtly self-involved, and incredibly misguided. I don't blame him entirely. His whole life he has been told he is the Great One who can do no wrong, who is better than mere mortals and who does not need to bother with the peasants of the world like Dwayne Wade, he is the Almighty one!

I tried watching a little NBA recently and couldn't stomach it. It was a game that did not involve James, yet all we kept hearing about was Lebron James and his destiny to be the greatest of all time, not just in basketball but the greatest human being in the history of the world!

What this young man needs is someone to stand up to him and tell him the truth! he is not the end all be all, there will be others who come along that are better than him, like Kevin Durant!!

Edit: Oh and the first quote that I read in the story is enough for me to realize the individual that was quoted is blind! He is not coachable, he thinks he knows best. There was proof in Cleveland when he got his coach fired and we are seeing it again with his relationship with the coach in Miami.
lebron keeps talking and kobe keeps buying new mantles for his trophies.

he wont even be as good as Kobe if he doesnt get it together.

It will take an awful lot for him to be as good as Kobe. Kobe has now won two without Shaq, LeBron pretty much admitted he couldn't do it by himself and had to go get a top 3 talent in the NBA to get him a title.

And even that isn't working out so well.

They will pull it together and win 50+, would be my guess. But I don't see them beating Boston in the East.
I also have a feeling inside that Kevin Durant will go down as being better than LeTravel.

I hope so im a recent convert. They hid the fact that he was a primadonna turdball for a long time, the issue is that when he is on the court he used to be an unselfish player a superlative passer and a solid defender, whereas KObe was always a me first offence type player who was a great one on one defender but not a great help defender. Now im not so sure that I would even put lebron in the same category as KObe.

and I despise Bosh, he is a soft, weak player with little hustle or inside game. good luck meshing that with bron and dwade.
Wow, Whitlock crushes LeBron for being a bully last night.

I watched most of the game, flipping over to the Eagles/Texans during commercials. I was uncomfortable with LeBron's trash talking too. Everyone knows the Cavs suck, LeBron. Why do you have to rub it in? How about if you talk some smack to a good opponent? You know one of those teams with an over .500 winning percentage that seems to mop the floor with you? Sheesh.

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yeah goal, it was horrible. the cav staff did their best to keep lebron safe from anything that could harm them and he returned the favor by talking trash to everyone in earshot. i really hope he fails at the NBA and never gets a ring.

Yeah I heard on the radio this morning that the coaching staff told him to get lost and leave everyone alone on the bench, but he wouldn't do it. It's funny, I think Whitlock is right, he is just making himself look worse and worse. Even if he doesn't believe it, sometimes you have to apologize for something to make peace. LeBron has been so sheltered his whole life that I don't think he understands this.
doing his trademark powder toss..and the coach said "this felt like a playoff game". really? Against the Cavs? Youre in trouble then when the playoffs actually DO start..

I dunno, he looked GREAT last night. Now we will have to see if he can make it carry over to the rest of the season. If he can, the Heat just reestablished themselves as contenders. If he just got up for this game and can't sustain it, they're done.
turns out he didnt make that and came out today and said that neither him nor nike have anything to do with it....

Shame! I hope someone would teach this kid some humility!

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