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Fire Zorn


OK, so it sounds like a thousand other threads being posted on another board right now, but in this case I mean it

The season is done before Halloween, and ZOrn has shown absolutely NOTHING. Might as well promote teh water boy and let him coach out the season

Thank you dan snyder for sucking every last once of enjoyment out of football, you money grubbin little troll
I was for letting him ride out the season, but today was absolutely pathetic. Not that danny smith will be any better, but honestly, can it get any worse?
I know,
What's worse is that I'm worried the Skins will make dumbass moves in the draft instead of starting to rebuild this team in the trenches,

The Skins need at least a new LT, RT, RG and C and I'm not convinced that any of those guys are currently on this team.

The Skins also need at least 1-2 DTs and one could argue maybe another DE for depth.

But I have a bad feeling we'll draft a QB with our high 1st rounder and he'll get beaten to death before we develop a O-line to protect him.
Doesn't matter if we fire Zorn now or in January. What will matter is what we do different this offseason, if anything.
Doesn't matter about Zorn, because we can only hope that Danny wakes up and fires Vinny. Then we get a real GM, like Dungy and he will remake this entire team from scratch.
To fix the roster I'm confident the FO will draft a couple WRs, TE, RB, and a few defensive backs. Also, probably a project LB.
Well, got part of my wish. Zorn's ballzac has been removed. Not that he had much of one to begin with. But he has embarassed satan :evil: too often this season and must be punished for making him look bad.

I fully expect the danny to string him along for another week or so, just to embarass him in public, then kick him to the curb

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