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Eagles hire WHO to coach their defense?

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Lanky Livingston

Eagles have promoted Juan Castillo, their OFFENSIVE LINE COACH, to the position of defensive coordinator. For reals.

Out of the blue? This was beyond out of the blue. This was out of the universe.

Castillo has coached defense before...in 1989...at the high school level. But never fear, Eagle fans, he was a DC!

What a head-scratching move. I can only think at this point the Walrus wants to be fired. I mean...how else can you explain a move like this? It makes absolutely zero sense. Unreal! This is like...I don't know...hiring a bingo caller to run your offense.

Link to article
Lanky, he was a LB in the USFL, I mean, you want better experience than that?!?:dizzy2:

I think the part of Reid's brain that handles in-game clock management might have taken over the "picking coaches" job. LOL!
I've read that Castillo was consulted with defensive game plans to see how they would work with blitz-pickups and such; and that he had a strong grasp of the defense. But its one thing to have a grasp of the D and schemes, and another thing altogether to be calling the plays on game day. This move is just mind boggling.
Next thing ya know they'll hire some journeyman QB coach to replace Reid.

Yeah, like that'd happen.
I saw this morning on a news crawl and had to wait to read it a second time before I would believe it. I think Lanky is right, he wants to be fired.

I wonder what sports talk radio in Philly is like this morning?
I'm sure Philly talk-radio is blasting the move. My good buddy in Philly said he's seriously considering giving up his season tickets after this.
Really? THIS is going to send him over the edge?

Curious move to be sure. Hopefully it backfires and they suck.
<insert captain obvious joke here>
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With this hire the Eagles defense should be well prepared to attack the Eagles offense.

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