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draft buzz


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Jul 16, 2009
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Does #2 try harder?? … There have been reports that there have been some internal disagreements in Detroit as to who to select with the second pick overall. According to the sources, there’s afaction within the team’s hierarchy which wants to take a DT - presumably Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska but possibly Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy - while another group would prefer to take an OT - likely Oklahoma State’s Russell Okung but maybe Trent Williams of Oklahoma - to give QB Matt Stafford, last year’s #1 pick, some more help upfront. However, reading the tea leaves at a meet-and-greet for ticket holders yesterday, Lions’ officials may have let it out of the bag that Suh is their guy. First, head coach Jim Schwartz indicated that the Lions’ board is now “pretty well set” and added, with the several hundred people in attendance all chanting “We want Suh” that indicated that te fans “won't be disappointed." Meanwhile, offensive co-ordinator Scott Linehan may have really let the cat out of the bag when he said that he was going to be very happy next year “when we’re killing the other team’s quarterback..

Meanwhile, there doesn’t seem to much happening over in St. Louis, which has the #1 pick at this week’s draft, but reportedly have not been very aggressive at all in contract talks with prospective prospects for the pick. Kevin Demoff, the Rams' executive V.P. of football operations, repeated over the weekend that the team doesn't deem it important to have the first pick signed before the draft. Demoff did confirm that the have at least talked to the representatives of four players - presumably QBs Sam Bradford of Oklahoma and Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen and DTs Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska and Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma. - but aren’t pushing to have anyone actually signed before Thursday.

One reason the Rams haven’t actually signed anyone already, of course, is that they are still hoping to trade out of the #1 pick with Cleveland thought to be the primary, and maybe only, suitor for the top pick. What is surprising is about the fact that the Rams haven’t been more proactive in negotiations to date, though, is that they have all the leverage. If indeed, they still hope to trade the pick, at least making it look like they are going to keep their selection strengthens their hand. On the other hand, if they keep the pick, a good portion of the leverage shifts to the player and his agent, who can threaten to hold out, once the selection is made.

The other side of the coin is that this is all part of the Rams’ negotiating strategy with Bradford. Play hard to hard to get. Prior to the draft there is considerable pressure on the player expected to be the #1 player picked to sign. If he doesn’t sign and the team passes and takes another player he loses a bunch of money. So its possible the Rams are prepared to sit back and make Bradford and his people just a little nervous and perhaps come to the table with a representative offer. In the end the bottom line appears to be that the Rams still have hopes of trading the pick and until that’s decided won’t make a move with the #1 pick.
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you know that's funny ...because on fox sports radio today.... i heard that the Rams may be taking SUH...that it wasn't a lock that the Rams were taking Bradford.....so if the Rams take Suh.. how does it play out ? Where does Bradford land then ?...If he falls to number 4 do we trade down for more picks ?....I myself am not a big Bradford fan...how is the shoulder going to hold up after taking a beaten...would he of lasted through what Jason did last you...I don't know but I think he is more fragile that some may think....can't wait to see how it unfolds. Thursday night can't get hear fast enough...
If Suh goes #1 to the Rams, then Detroit will have a decision to make between Okung and McCoy, if they go McCoy then I think Cleveland moves up to 3, to stay ahead of us and take Bradford. If Bradford does get to us... I bet we take him.

All that being said, I still think the Rams take Bradford.

The real question we have is Okung or Williams? I say since we only have 1 pick in the top 100 that we take the sure thing and that is Okung.
If Suh goes first and Bradford falls to 4, do you go Bradford or Berry? If Bradford or one of DT's fall to 4 think you will see teams get ansy and try to trade up.
We damn well better take a LT. The other choice is to have Levi Jones back at LT

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