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Dissapointed in Mcnabb


Nov 17, 2010
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Hard to see how because I was against this from the start. but today after reading his statement in regards to his agents comments about the shannahans im shaking my head.

"When I read the whole thing, I didn't see nothing wrong with it,"
"“Keep my name out your mouth.”
“Some people make mistakes in they lives.”

can anyone here guess what Mcnabbs degree was in? If you guessed Communications you win the prize.

I have seen him in interviews and generally he is very articulate, but the past couple years he has tried to give him self more "credibility" by talking like an idiot.

way to be the stereotype, just when i thought I couldnt possibly be more dissapointed with this asshat.
I am so completely with you Ryman. If you really have no problem with his words then why haven't you said so before, and furthermore why not show a set and speak up for yourself instead of hiding behind his words like a kid behind mommies skirt. And yea talking like an idiot is so endearing...drives me nuts when drivers that make their way into Nascar do it. I'll never forget the first time I heard Tony Stewart say "tore up"...really Tony..."REALLY?"

The ironic thing is this is the same guy who was so outraged when he was stereotyped by Limbaugh and Co years ago. Brilliant Donovan...brilliant!
I really didnt like how he hid behind the agent to maintain his "cover" but he has been very good at saying and doing the right things before now. he knows how to play the victim and the PR game.

what really bugs me though is that young people see this and thing its "cool" to speak like you are uneducated even when you have a degree in communications from a good university, and thats what really dissapoints me.

When I was younger My dad made me take extra language classes because he didnt want me to get stereotyped with a "rez" accent which is why some of my friends tease me for speaking more formally. Also,about 75% of my family you would never know that english is really a second language or that everyone where we are from has that rez accent because my gramma would have beaten us silly for speaking "ignorantly" lmao.

Your comment about stereotyping is something I hadnt even considered but thats bang on, he was upset that he got called out for being a stereotype, you would think he would be more cognizant of that.

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