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Did you ever see Sonny play?

I can't say I remember seeing him play, although I know I did. I vaguely remember the Sonny/Billy rivalry and hearing my Dad favor Billy. I just couldn't tell you anything in particular about any game Sonny played.

Great clip, glad to see it! Thanks DP!~
Thanks DP44! That's my Redskins' childhood right there. Sonny, Bobby, Charlie and Jerry. Find the open receiver and put the ball in his hands. It sure seemed simple when watching Sonny. What a great way to start off as a Redskins' fan. Of course having a Dad and Mom who were season ticket holders made it special when I got to go to a game every once in a while and see them in person.
One of the all time greatest. Listened to the games on WMAL, every Sunday and was lucky enough to see him play a several occasions. He is the reason I'm a lifelong Skins fan.
One of the all time greatest. Listened to the games on WMAL, every Sunday and was lucky enough to see him play a several occasions. He is the reason I'm a lifelong Skins fan.

I used to faithfully listen to the games on WMAL as well. Watching that actually brought a tear to my eye. I got the chance to see him play many times in RFK and was there for that game against the Dolphins in 1974. Sonny is still my all-time favorite Redskin and why I always wore #9 on my baseball and softball jerseys (Osgood–Schlatter's retired me from football my freshman year in high school).

I always hated that George Allen preferred Billy Kilmer to Sonny and I'm convinced the Skins would have won Super Bowl VII had he allowed Sonny on the sidelines. Had Sonny not been injured, we'd have won easily.
I saw Sonny play. Wonder what it was about him that rubbed George Allen wrong? Why bring in Kilmer? Sonny and Billy were friends, but for some reason George Allen favored Billy.

Those were the days.
Allen was a defensive minded coach that wanted to control his quarterback and what kind of plays were called on offense. Sonny had been calling his own plays for years and of course was known for the deep passing game. That was not what Allen wanted to see.

Kilmer was a game manager. He was willing to hand the ball off 25 times a game and take limited chances in the passing game.

Also, Jurgensen pre-dated Allen and had a large following here including Edward Bennett Williams, and that bothered Allen who had a large ego of his own.

Allen traded for Kilmer and as a 33 year old veteran of other teams was never going to eclipse George in popularity with the fans.

I remember someone saying years ago that Sonny being injured in 1972 was not a factor in the Redskins losing the Super Bowl to Miami, because Allen even if Jurgensen had been healthy was not going to let HIM be a hero and win the game for the organization with a late comeback.

He simply would not have benched Kilmer in that Miami game, even though if available Jurgensen might have been able to rally Washington to a win.
I wasn't alive when Sonny played, so unfortunately I never got to see him live. Watching footage just doesn't do him justice, but you can tell he could put the ball wherever he wanted. Great player! We'd have won SB7 if he was in there.
I remember going to a pre-season "Shriners' game at RFK.....that set Sonny up against Johnny Unitas and the Colts. Was just a pre-season game, but I still remember being in awe of seeing those two icons go head to head.

Sonny was amazing.....I loved watching (and listening) to him play back in those days. Funny how even Billy Kilmer seems to have a decent arm when you watch the old films now, though. We've become so used to seeing crap behind center lately......


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