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Deadspin: The Most Hopeless Franchise in Football

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Lanky Livingston

Sadly, most of this is true. Hilarious, and true. Sigh.

Let's play a game. Imagine you have a fantasy football team. Not exactly a stretch. Now, let's say you decide to make a trade in your league. A really ****ing stupid trade, something along the lines of trading away Marmalard for Nate Washington. This is a stupid trade. Once you make it, every other owner in the league pillories you for it. They call you a ****head. They tell you that you don't know what the **** you're doing. You thought it was a really solid trade when you made it. Yet now everyone's castigating you for it. Furthermore, as the season plays out, it becomes clear that Marmalard is putting up fantastic numbers and Nate Washington is doing jack ****. So the other owners happily rib you for your idiocy from now into eternity.

Now, if you're a normal person, or as close to normal as someone can be, how do you react to this scrutiny? Well, I think a normal person would, despite initially thinking the trade was a good idea, come to realize that perhaps the wisdom of crowds was correct, and that they made a mistake. Even the most stubborn of people would be helpless to argue against either the collective opinion or the ensuing result. They'd eventually feel dumb, regret their decision, and they'd do all they could to prevent it from ever happening again. This is what a normal person would do.

This is not how Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder works.

click link for rest of article.
Drew Magary's Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo runs every Thursday during the NFL season.

when I think respected journalism I think "Dick Joke Jamboroo" hahahahahaahaaa

Even a blind squirrel....well, you know the rest.
Personally, I'm surprised anyone would take that crass, lowest-common-denominator shotgun polemic seriously. :)
Personally, I'm surprised anyone would take that crass, lowest-common-denominator shotgun polemic seriously. :)

Its written as a humor-piece, but there's a lot of truth to it. I mean, just because its crass, doesn't mean there isn't anything behind it. Can you honestly refute anything that was said within the article? You don't have to use obscenities. :D
There IS nothing said within the article, brother. :)

They're simply making fun of the fact Lewis was calling bingo when the Redskins brought him in to "advise" on the offense. They offer no more insight than you or I have on what the actual thought process behind the move was, or what the result might be. They just took an easy whack at the Snyder/Cerrato pinata because they know 95% of their readership isn't interested in looking any deeper than Jessica Simpson's bra size.
Oh well, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree - I think the article gets right to the core of the issue, that Dan Snyder is just not a football guy, but insists on playing one on TV. This is the heart of the issue, and why we are no good. Just my 2 cents.
That position presumes Snyder is actively making "football decisions" (personnel) and not limiting himself, as he and the team have said repeatedly, to the financial side (negotiating contracts). I simply don't know what the truth is there. And frankly, I don't think anyone outside of the room Snyder's actually in at any given moment does either.

If he IS making personnel decisions, however, you and I don't disagree at all and I'll meet you at Torch & Pitchforks 'R Us at high noon.

If he's not---beyond keeping VC around and giving him enough rope this past offseason to either pull himself up or hang himself with---I agree that we will have to agree to disagree. And hopefully we'll have something meatier than this silly Deadspin polemic to sink our teeth into at some point soon over which to have a good old fashioned debate over. :)
Whether or not its Snyder or his hand-picked buffoon making the decisions, is there really any difference?
Either way, this is Snyder's team. I have no doubt that he's making personnel decisions, but even if he isn't, he's hired the people who are. And the people who are are not getting it done. Which means Dan Snyder isn't getting it done.

Side A: He sucks.
Side B: He sucks.

There is no Side C.
Hello goodbye.
I think it's time to put Old Yeller(Zorn)down.

Cerrato can't do it so Skins' fans should hire this guy.....

It's possible. Not likely, but possible.
With the possible exception of the Chiefs and Raiders, I don't see another win out there
The Raiders, maybe. But the Chefs played hard against the Pukes and almost won. Who thinks we won't be the patsy that finally puts them over the top? Certainly not me.
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I don't see how anyone can think that Dan Snyder is NOT the root of everything that is wrong with this organization. His track record speaks for itself.
I've defended Dan is a roundabout way in the past, but I was dead wrong. You can blame specifics down the line but ultimately Dan is pulling the levers behind the curtain.
its only the doom and gloomers who are really giving any life to this article. it is written like it is a 14 year girl who was just dumped right before the biggest dance of the season and she's bitter.
And wouldn't you think that's a reasonable reaction under the circumstances? I mean after all, how long to you expect fans to endure the crappy product Snyder assembles year after year before they finally get enough and the anger takes over? However I think the more relevant question is how long will it take for you to get enough and get sick of our F.O.?
come on man..you can do better then using the same ol cliche lines like every other person who expresses an opinion about the Skins.

I won't ever get sick enough of my team or the FO to constantly berate or trash them publicly like I see. But thats just me and while I may agree with SOME of the things said I dont really think we need to pile on with the rest of the journalists in making our team look like crap.

Sorry Mike, but we're not the ones making the team look like crap. The team itself is handling that just fine by themselves.

The way I see things, we gave danny and his "Buy a big name, win the SUper Bowl now" approach a free ride for the first five or six years. Slowly but surely over the last four years, more and more folks are coming to realize that what snyder does, does NOT work.

What we're dealing with here is an obnoxious person to begin with, made more so by being rich. In his mind, he can do no wrong in anything, and he has people around him to tell him just that.

People are also finally catching on to the "He's the teams BIGGEST fan and just wants them to win" BS.

If he cared about winning, he emulate what other sucessful teams have done over the last ten years. But nooooooooooooooooo

He has to do it his way. And he KNOWs he can do it his way AND make money hand over fist by sticking a Popeyes sticker on everything that's not nailed down.

I admire your homerism, but it's time a spade was called a spade

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