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DC Examiner: Chris Hanburger enters Hall of Fame




AP Pro Football Writer


Chris Hanburger, the signal-caller for George Allen's intricate defenses in Washington, has been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Nicknamed "The Hangman," Hanburger stood out for one violent move he practically patented in 14 seasons with the Redskins: the clothesline tackle, which eventually was outlawed.

A senior committee nominee, Hanburger made nine Pro Bowls in his 14 seasons, although he never won a championship. The linebacker's knack for finding the ball helped him to 19 interceptions and three fumble returns for TDs, a league mark when he retired after the 1978 season.

Hanburger stared into the face of his bust Saturday before saying induction is "something that I never gave a thought to."


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Oct 1, 2009
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A great speech with some humor and true humility. A true member of the Redskins family.

And would someone find the "off" button for Marshall Faulk! Sheeeeesh.


Shannon Sharpe kept voicing one theme...drifting into another....and catching himself by returning to the orig theme.

Deion only had one theme...stole it from The Waterboy: "I love my Momma!" Tried to get across the idea that the whole Prime Time character was an invention he concocted before entering the NFL. An invention that caused him some grief, but was always intended toward one purpose - earning the cash to take care of his Mom. Not sure I believe that wipe-over in its entirety.....else...why continue the persona long after Mom was taken care of?

both made presentations that were at times moving. I found Sharp's address to be a bit more "core".

Chris was direct and funny. It was fun watching him play back in the day.


A long overdue injustice rectified. Shame the lockout made for a less than enthusiastic crowd, for Chris' night.

As to Pieon, he still makes me want to vomit.
I still think he's the worst FA signing, for us, ever.

A good cover guy, a better return man than anything. Worse tackler I ever remember as a starting CB. One of the biggest, self-hyped, overrated players of all time. However, he was an excellent BS salesman.

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