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D Hall's Post-Dallas Interview: Curse Nasties & Finger Pointing

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Aug 21, 2010
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Things like THIS will serve as a distraction.

Scroll down and check out D Hall's post-game. It's all bleeped.

Once they take a break from tongue kissing Romo's "star," ESPN will be all over this. This is classic "in house" material.

It could turn up to be nothing but a story line leading into next week. But it could also be seen as a catalyst for an unraveling..... either way, <face palm>
D Hall should be the next distraction, ala Haynesworth and McNabb, to go.
D Hall should be the next distraction, ala Haynesworth and McNabb, to go.

Hmmmmm. I was getting a new post ready and had some thoughts along these lines. DHall has been a big distraction for a long time and should be gone after this season. We couldn't afford to keep two malcontents at CB - Stone Hands had to go. However, we simply could let DHall go too and be ultra thin in the secondary.

I keep saying this rebuild will take two more years and getting rid of all distractions is still a process that will take time. DHall heads the list of distractions and here is the list (and reason why) of players that need to go after 2011.

DeAngelo Hall. Major distraction who is very over rated. He will provide you with two or three great games during the season, but will be a joke in at least half a dozen games.

Jammal Brown. Nice guy, but nice is good to have as a neighbor too. As a football player on the OL, he is a liability.

Reed Doughty. Another nice guy (see above), but is a liability in the secondary.

Kedric Golston. No impact in games whatsover. The return of Jarvis Jenkins and another draft choice or FA will make him expendable.

Mike Sellers. The age thing. There is a time when you must move on and say thanks for the memories. Time to put on your coaching cap and help the team in this capacity.

Kareem Moore. Not much to talk about here, well, because there is not too much to talk about. Taking up roster space and collecting a check is not being a productive player.

Sean Locklear. If he can't get on the field and be a replacement for Brown, then of what use is he to the team?

Lorenzo Alexander. Great attitude, but he is not a LB. He has some trade value, but his time of having an impact in DC seems to be over.

Ryan Torain. The sooner the Redskins can get any value in a trade, the better.

Rex Grossman. It was nice of him to sign a one year contract. QB will be a serious need for this team in the upcoming draft and the main reason why it will take two more years of rebuilding for the Redskins. John Beck is a decent backup and can help the Redskins far better than what Rex is capable of doing.
Hall is just taking over the Mantle left behind by Albert Connell. We have a long proud history of players who talk loudly and carry a small stick.

Bad play call, but if he wants to be the "guy" Haslett gave him the chance and he blew it.
He was getting worked all game, too.

That being said, I don't want to think about this defense when they don't have Fletcher. At that point, Haslett is going to be boned.

Nah, Dez didn't go off on us, like I was expecting, frankly. He is a bad matchup for us, but Hall covered him well most of the night. 4 catches ain't bad. Where were the safeties at the end of that play? On 3rd and 21, why weren't our safeties helping cover 1)Witten and 2)Bryant? Terrible play design there.

I understand the DHall hate because of his big mouth. He needs to learn to shut up before and after the games. But the coaching at the end there was a travesty. In fact, Haslett really let them back in the game in the second half, with a lot more conservative playcalling. I'll never understand that phenomenon. Why not stick with what got ya there?
I just remember seeing a lot of 23 on long plays and conversions. My mind could be swayed by my anti-Dhall mentality. Fact of the matter is, he gets beat on big plays often.

And it was a bad call too. I'm not trying to give Haslett a pass.
Hall pointing fingers at Haslett for leaving him on an island, when all of last year he was complaining about how he WASN'T left on an island with the opposition's best receiver. This guy has GOT to go. Eff D Hall.
Everybody on Hall for that play needs a reality check. It was an all out blitz. The blitz has to gt there. No CB can cover a good WR alone for any period of time. While some may get on Hall, the failure was everyone blitzing. Hall should be able to jump the come back or play for the shorter route because there shouldn't be time to go long. Hall played the defense called as he was ready to jump the hot route.

Now the comments...they are bone headed comments of a frustrated competetor who probably thinks everyone in the media will be trying to serve him crow (kind of like this thread).
In a slightly-related piece of news, the Cowboys are crying about us now:

Watching the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football against the Washington Redskins one may have thought the Cowboys players didn’t know the playbook, were taken back by the big lights, or possibly were drinking heavily before the game. There were multiple times where Cowboys’ players were confused as to where to line up and what routes to run.

Nothing was more obvious than Phil Costa the Cowboys center who couldn’t snap the ball to save his life. Costa had three botched snaps just in the second half. In fact former head coach, John Gruden, stated he had never seen as many bad snaps and there had to be some explanation. Tony Romo was obviously upset and looked as if it was him against the world, but today Phil Costa came out and said the Washington Redskins were cheating.

Phil Costa stated that the Redskins were yelling out snap counts and causing him to jump and snap the ball to Romo. The Cowboys organization said they will be informing the league of these findings but should this be considered cheating?

Tony Romo entered the game nursing a broken rib and a punctured lung that the Cowboys claimed had healed in only four days. He needed his teammates and supporting cast but only a few select players showed up Monday night.

Center Phil Costa missed Romo on four different snap counts that led to four fumbles and big losses. Kevin Ogletree made Dallas actually miss Roy Williams as it was obvious he blew a number of plays.

While the Cowboys may call this cheating all is fair on the line of scrimmage.

I have no problem with D-Hall, individually. But he is included in my cheers and jeers as part of the collective, Jim Haslet and all the defensive players, on the jeers side.

The call was worse than the execution, IMO.
Hall needs to get his head out of his ass, and look in the mirror. He gets burned often enough, and should man up and take the blame instead of putting on a show in the media and pointing fingers.
Just shut up and play. I don't give a crap if he's right or wrong...just shut up and play and let that speak for itself. All else is fluff or whiny bull.
Hall is really the only player left from the pre-Shanahan era with a big mouth that is still on the team.

He comes out the week before the opener and says he should get the chance to cover each team's #1 receiver and then he fails to keep to a guy last night that is his team's #2 receiver and a player that was playing on a sprained foot.

But that's Hall.

He talks a good game and SOMETIMES backs it up.
I am of the school of thought that says leave the talk on the field. But if a team mate wants to blast off at the mouth, then so be it...as long as he can back it up!

Last week when Hall was spouting off, I agreed with him. He wasn't too brash in saying it either. He just spoke what we were all thinking. The problem lies in the fact that he got burned on 3 occasions last night. 3 different times by one of the most depleted receiving corps in the NFL. If you're going to talk it up, you better back it up.

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