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Confidence Check?

Do the Redskins take out their frustrations on the Rams Sunday and win?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 10 62.5%
  • No (I'm skeered)

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • I have no idea what to expect

    Votes: 5 31.3%

  • Total voters


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The Redskins are in St. Louis to face a team desperate for a win.

Do our boys in Burgundy and Gold prevail?

Make an assessment!

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As long as a winning score of 23-20 qualifies as "taking out frustrations"-then...yeah.
Good point serv...in my mind, a win puts the Dallas thing in the rear view mirror. At least for 5 weeks or so :)
I dunno. Who shows up tomorrow? This was a guaranteed win last year. Seems to be this year too. On any given Sunday...
Count me skeered. I've seen this movie before.
Count me skeered. I've seen this movie before.

I will say this, Chris. There's a better director and a better cast than usual-this remake might just be a bit more entertaining.
Last year's game against St. Louis I was confident we would win. We looked fairly solid at 1-1 after a tough division win and a heartbreaking loss late in the game. This year looks a lot like last.

However, the Rams are really not a very good team. Their offensive line is terrible and their run defense is the worst in the league. I think Shanahan knows this is one of those make it or break it types of games. Spags does not recognize this Redskins' team anymore so he will not be as adept at game planning as he was in the past having a working knowledge of the team he'd faced many times before.

I think we go in and ram it down their throat this week! Rex shows he's capable of greatness because our run game is going to explode. Steven Jackson is not the runner he once was, he's oft injured and getting older. He might gain some yardage, but I don't see him running for 100 or more.

Big game for our offense tomorrow.

Spags does not recognize this Redskins' team anymore so he will not be as adept at game planning as he was in the past having a working knowledge of the team he'd faced many times before.

I say we confuse them with our downstairs mix-up.

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What worries me is what happened early last season. We played a team who we were supposed to beat (St. Louis), and lost, then played a team who was supposed to beat us (Philly), then followed up with a win against the eventual SB victors. Something similar is happening again this year.

We won week 1 when we were expected to lose, we JUST won in week 2 when we were supposed to win easy, we lost in week 3 when expected to win. Week 4, and we're expected to win. What is going to happen?
History has destroyed the faith I have in this team. While I recognize that Mike and Bruce have things headed in the right direction and they are largely rebuilding the team properly, I'm still of the belief that there are going to be growing pains along the way. It's usually an inevitable and painful part of the process that young teams and their fans have to endure as they learn how to win. I think we lose to a Rams team that is desperate for a win and might bring a bit more intensity today, compared to a Redskins team who still might be lamenting on the past, and licking their wounds from a week ago at Dallas.

Rams 20
Redskins 19

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