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CB Emmanuel Forbes (Miss. St.) - 1st round pick (16)


What I took from it mostly was how well the kid handles himself ... looks people in the eye, listens, polite to a fault, just enough athletic arrogance.

Also loved the reaction in the defensive coaches room when JDR sticks his head in and tells them we got Forbes.

And Smoot. lol
I like Forbes potential, not about that. I guess what has 'irked' me from the start is that it appears they made the selection before the draft even started. I've seen numerous clips of Rivera indicating they were 'going to get their guy - Forbes'. That just seems like a bad approach to an NFL draft unless you've got the #1 pick. There's no way that a kid like Forbes is a total 'no brainer' - and maybe they were more open to what the draft presented to them than Rivera's comments imply. But it does feel like they were picking this kid no matter who was available, and that mindset I hate. Probably picking nits. We'll see if they made a great decision or a poor one down the road.
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Snippet from the video Om and I are talking about. Interesting that the rumors they explored moving up appear mostly to have involved ensuring they got Forbes. Hard to critique them in the moment. He may turn out to be special, and other teams may have been heavily interested (I know Dallas is rumored to have been ready to take him if we hadn't. Btw - we have to assume that the other corner Rivera was referencing was Christian Gonzalez , not Deonte Banks or someone else - right? Forbes vs. Gonzalez is going to be a big comparison in 2 or 3 years based on what we see from those two. And Om, I agree now that I've seen the piece you were referencing, it is pretty fascinating.

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I preferred Forbes over Gonzalez going in tbh. Did I think we would draft Forbes? No, However, I think when taking into account the skills we needed on the defensive side of the ball, Forbes fits better. He will get stronger and I am intrigued to see what he can do.
I love the Forbes pick now. I had him 3rd behind Witherspoon and Gonzales thinking that both would be gone very early. Gonzales apparently dropped due to his poor performance against elite college competition, namely the game vs Georgia. Forbes coming from playing in the SEC and facing many NFL level future receivers seems like the tipping point. I view Gonzales as a BSJ type, a tall athletic talent but without a lot of juice.

I know it is easy to be critical of his frame but I love smart, skilled, instinctual athletes no matter the package. Forbes played 4 seasons of big boy college football and came out unscathed. As a former skinny athlete I am looking forward to watching him grow, compete, and perform at a high level for years to come.
You … skinny? I was underestimated my entire athletic career and made people pay for it. I hope Forbes is that kind of player…
6’0 130 playing HS bball. Quickness, long arms, good instincts, and a chip on my shoulder ’powered’ me through. Dogged defender, good rebounder, and a sniper of a shooter. Forbes is my spirit animal. 🤣
It was definitely Gonzalez as the other option. That said that at some point in the video.

I don't watch those fluff pieces much either, but I couldn't turn my head away. I love the lady at the end telling him study up on Darrell Green's film. :)
I found her irritating as ****. To each his own I guess.
I would love to see our new front office actually pick a GM with a backbone to pick the right players. I get it’s a group discussion but watching Mayhew in that video I just get the sense he’s Ron’s yes man !
Just a very short clip, but I like so far how the kid handles himself. Though not sure about that jacket haha.


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